Mrs Sandra Smith


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Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2018

Hello Dear.
My name is Mrs. Sandra Smith, am a cancer patient.
From all medical indications, my condition has really deteriorated and it is quite obvious that I can not live for more than few months because of the rapid growth by stage and the unbearable pains that accumulates from my illness.
My doctor just confirmed to me that i have no much time left.
So please can you permit me to tell you few things that troubles my heart here in my hospital bed which is part of my last wish?
I was married to Late Mr. Roger Smith, an international business man. But our long years of marriage was not blessed with any children. Which have left me heart broken for some time now.

But after his death i inherited a large fund which was deposited in a bank in Africa, But because of my poor health i have decided to distribute this fund to any good investment, the less privilege, building of orphanage homes, education to the poor children, Care and support to the poor, refugees, victims of HIV / AIDS and the continuous treatment of my sickness until my days is completed.
So i dont know if i can trust you to help and assist me in this humanitarian services and investment project. So that i will introduce you to the Bank for the release and transfer of the fund to you for the impending projects as detailed.
You will be highly compensated from the rest of the fund after you have done good to humanity and might have invested well.

Please contact me via my private email if i count on you on this project.
So i can give you further details and information.