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Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2018
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Democratic Republic of the Congo

I was privileged to come across your contact through my personal check with the GCC Investment Trade Real Estate Exhibition portal and I decided that I should establish a communication with you to acquiring some information on lucrative investment or real estate investment in any other Part of the world. However, I will appreciate if you can be of good assistance to me as I am willing to invest this money heavily in the real estate investment or any other investment sector provided I will have a good partner or investor as well as fund manager who will guide on this business framework and as thus, share with me on the ROI in any venture which we have considered lucrative to invest in. I am (MRS.VONDA SABULI BANYERE) a widow the wife of Late (MR. KIALA BANYERE FAMILY.) who was a Gold and Diamond Dealer in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I am contacting you based on my need to have a foreign partner in your country as its necessary due to my plans to relocate from here and to establish a private company under your care in your region. I have not managed any business before but i always have a dream of running my own company establishment hence it has been my desire to recapitalize in the GCC market. Basically, I am married to late (MR. KIALA BANYERE) As the present political instability in my country Democratic Republic of Congo, does not encourage financial investment, as the environment is not conducive for investment and most of all security is not insured, just as reported by international media.

Myself and my only son ( Mr. Dennis John Banyere) have decided to solicit for your assistance to transfer the sum of USD$20.5Million United States Dollars) to your personal company or your private bank s account, pending if the fund will be safe without any problem. This money was part of the fund secured by my late husband when he was still in power. As the wife, he relied on me; my attention was to manage this said amount, in case of unforeseen circumstances.

This fear was actualized on when his bodyguard, Mr. Rashed assassinated my husband on a cold blood (May his soul rest in peace, Amen), Presently this fund is currently deposited with a private Security and finance company in South Africa in favors of my son, he is presently residing as an Asylum seeker in South Africa and the financial law of South Africa does not gives us some certain financial right as a result of Asylum seeker, So have we decided not to invest this fund here in Africa coupled the way this fund was acquired as well as the pressure in my family from my husband first wife and her son (President Joseph Desire Kabila) who is currently succeeding my late husband as my country president?

Please do not hesitate to contact my son (Mr. Dennis John Banyere) on his direct Email Address ( so that he will direct you on how we can start the transfer. AND his Number IS: 27 630 125 998. God bless you as you helps this family in dare need of your assistance. For your assistance we have agreed to offer you 20% of the total sum, while 70% will be for our investment in your country and 10% will be set aside to take care of all related expenses. Please your assistance is highly needed; you are required to maintain the most confidentiality of this transfer and Please do not forget to Contact my son (Mr. Dennis John Banyere) on his above Email:

Thanks And God bless you

Yours Truly,