Mrs Zonja Ardita Rizvanolli, Haiti


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Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2018
Subject: Divine call for your very attention.
From : Mrs Zonja Ardita Rizvanolli,.
Dearest in the Lord,

My Name is Mrs Zonja Ardita Rizvanolli A widow and a philanthropist from Haiti and have been suffering from both cancer of the heart and that of the throat, which makes it impossible for me to communicate well orally. I am sending you this mail, based on divine direction and trust, and believing that you will not abuse this confidence divinely reposed on you, as a God fearing somebody.

I am being divinely directed to entrust in your custody, care and control the Sum of Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollar {US$5.5Million} which accrued from some contracts I did with some Music Promoting Companies in West Europe long time ago. As a philanthropist, I have this good intention to give out this fund to the Less Privileged members of the Society. But due to my present situation, I cannot personally discharge this Humanitarian Service. Hence, my desire for a trustworthy and God fearing Fellow such as you to accomplish this good intention.

Definitely, you may ask or wonder why I chose you to accomplish this Humanitarian Service? To clear your mind or to answer this question, I considered it very important to reveal this to you. Thus note, as my health deteriorates Day after Day, my Doctor have severally informed me that now that I am still alive, I should endeavor to fulfill my last wishes as he do not see the possibility of my survival, therefore based on his several advises, I prayed and while in prayer I was divinely directed to entrust these Fund which is (US$5.5M) Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollar into your able hands {A trustworthy and God Fearing Fellow} for humanitarian services and mostly services to orphanages, Widows, as well as charity homes in your country and its neighboring Countries.

If this my last and humble wish is accomplished, my spirit and soul will rest in perfect peace if I die, I will be happy if you will promise to utilize this fund as my spirit desires. Strictly note, my decision to entrust this fund in your hand is divinely motivated and hence, I oblige you to heed to this divine call to serve and ensure that you accordingly do it with the fear of God, for the betterment of the Less Privileges and your entire society at large.

Right now I am still at the hospital and therefore, need also your prayers for God's Mercy and to be alive for more Months. Once more, as my spirit have directed me to contact you, I solicit that you respond with your complete information, like your full name, Detailed Address, phone numbers, to enable me to accordingly furnish the Financial Firm with your detailed information.

Thanks & Best Regards.
Mrs. Zonja Ardita Rizvanolli