Ms Anne Wilcox, FedEx


from: FedEx Express <>
date: Sat, Mar 10, 2018

Attn: ,

Attachments on this mail includes the scan copy of my ID.

To your notice, An International Global ATM Card was registered for immediate delivery by GEORGE LAWSON, Find below details of your nominated and submitted home address already computed for overnight /24-Hours delivery:

In consideration of your choice for ATM CARD, please reconfirm the above address Details to avoid cloned misdirection of your legitimate ATM CARD once activa ted and dispatched. However be informed that all outstanding delivery fees and levies have married with the Cashless policies of United Nation Federal Executive Council (FEC), on Debts Reconciliation and Implementation Panel in accordance with the world financial regulatory body to frustrate movement of huge sums of money to terrorist, especially the Islamic state of lraq and Syria (lSSIS)

The delivery to your door step is free of cost; you will be required to pay the cost of Tabulate Tag charge <T.T> the sum of US$ 189.00 Dollars as stipulated in accordance with new United Nation Cashless policy. Please reconfirm the above details as beneficiary authenticated receiving address.

It is imperative upon urgency that you send Tabulate Tag fee of US $189.00 Dollars through Money Gram to our zonal coordinator Agent in United State Name; CYNTHIA LONG, as to enable us secure Insurance and Tabulate Tag for immediate dispatch of your parcel.
Kindly proceed to send the total calculated Insurance and Tabulate Tag charge via MONEY GRAM to the underneath stated information below:

Receiver Name: Cynthia Long
Address: Sacramento California USA,
Amount: $189

As soon as we hear from you with the MONEY GRAM payment receipt, the parcel will be airlifted for delivery to your doorstep as you will be receiving the card not exceeding 24-Hours after the payment of $189 must have been paid and confirmed.
Ms Anne Wilcox.