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From: - Monica George <>;
Thanks very much for your response / I will like to know you more
FROM: Monica George
Sunday, October 7, 2012


I thank you very much for your response and also for forwarding your email to me as requested by me, this that will enable me to comfortably tell you more about me and my family, I am so pleased to read your mail again, it has warm my heart and I am hoping to always hear from you…...I hope this will take us to the next level and we could build a serious friendship that will last forever.

Dear, I really like your profile because you have everything that every woman will like to get from a man. I am a single bi-racial female that loves life. I have a very free spirit and try to enjoy life to its fullest. If you can make me laugh you have achieved first base. I am spontaneous and willing to try just about anything with the exception of drugs. I don't judge people on their past, but look for people trying to achieve their best in the present. I'm very much aware of the distance between us but if things develop, love will break the difference very soon. Distance is a test of true love, many will fail, but for those who can withstand it have the answer to true love.

More so I was born and bred up in United Kingdom, my father who is from Singapore migrated to United kingdom to start new life with my lovely mother a British citizen but I lost my father long time ago, I am presently working with the Sparrows Offshore Services Ltd in UK as one of their doctor working in the offshore oil rig. I am fortunate to have had a career that has afforded me the opportunity to make a difference in life while working on an offshore oil rig is also a plus to my career. I am single and presently living alone here in Colchester, Essex UK.

So these are some of the things you need to know about me for now and I will want you to response back to me the same way. The mind is one of the most erotic parts of the body and relationship, and I believe you know better. If you could stimulate my mind then you could stimulate me. This is really a hard quality to find in a man. I am looking for more than just an intimate encounter; I am looking for someone to take control of my soul, to taste the flavor of my excitement, someone that, just by his touch or words makes my body quiver, someone who is open minded, creative, adventurous and spontaneous. Someone who is gentle, playful and confident, I want to love and be loved.

However there are still many more about me and my family I will like to tell you while I would also want you to tell me more about yourself and your family too because this is what it takes in getting to know each other better, so therefore you should tell me more about yourself too while I shall also tell you more about myself and my family once I received yours.

Looking forward to read from you soon,

Ms (Dr.) Monica George

Second E-mail
Monica George <>;
My affectionate inquiries / Expecting your passionate answer 11
FROM: Monica George
Monday, October 8, 2012 3:41 AM

I thank you very much again for your replied and I also thank you so much for telling me more about yourself, I don’t need to deny that I like your profile, It would be nice to have someone pleasant like you to replace the hours of loneliness in my life, someone to hold close and share my inner deepest thoughts with.

Anyway I need to let you know more about my family background, my name remain Ms (Dr.) Monica George. I am the first one in the family of three. I have two sisters, my immediate younger one has already married and the last one is yet to marry. As I said earlier my mother was born in England and my father was born in Singapore as Indian-Singaporean since my grandfather is also a Singapore citizen of South Asian that has Indian ancestry in Singapore according to my father before his death. Although I was born and bred up in Warwickshire United Kingdom, I did my primary school in Warwickshire while my father took me back to Singapore for my secondary school in order for me to learn one or two things about Singapore cultures. After completed my ordinary level education in 1978 at Dunman Secondary School, Tampines, in Eastern region of Singapore, my father returned me again back to UK for my high level education where I finally obtained my degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from the Newcastle University UK in 1993.

I have dealt with my fair share of life's trials, tribulations, and struggles, but found therapy, and relaxation in perfecting peace through Almighty God. I lost My Dad when I was 26 years old; he died after a brief illness, while I still miss him so much after his death. I have in the past moves from one position of job to one before I finally joined Sparrows Offshore Services Ltd in 1999 as one of their surgeon. Professionally I'm an orthopedic surgeon, although I have training as a general surgeon included wide exposure to various surgical specialties, but I still maintained an interest in Orthopedic Surgery. I am a much laid back, optimistic, creative, loving person. I have much experience in the area of Orthopedic Surgery, so I am not fairly new to the Medical Management field. I also have an irresistible good looks, I am 5,7 tall, 165 lbs (75 kg), brown hair, brown eyes and the rest you can see.....smiles, smooth colour skin, impeccable style of dress and winning smile. I consider myself to be a fine woman that is confident with a unique style. I am hard working and only happy with giving 110% to my work. I'm very kind, soft -spoken, and friendly and like my friends would say I have an inviting spirit that is you think so too? Smiles.

So I will want you to tell me more about yourself and your family too. .... I will really like to get to know you more and as I will still like to share more views with you about myself and my family...I will tell you just anything you will like to know about me. Thus as it will really be my pleasure to get to know more about you hence I am putting these affectionate questions to you and I hope you won't get mad at my questions as your passionate answer to these will definitely add to what will ease my concern and give me more courage on this long distance friendship or relationship which I am trying to build with you.

What are the basic qualities you seek for in a woman’s friendship?
How do you treat your woman?
Would you hit your woman for any reasons?
What things make you extremely happy?
When you are feeling lonely, what makes you feel you better?
Is jealousy an emotion that comes easily to you?

Remember I'm taking my time to find my true friend or love and it may be you, so I'll hopefully want to know what your consent is about these affectionate questions. I want to get to know you more. Surely I will treat you with the way you should be treated with respect since to respect man is my true hobbies. Beside I have some important matter to share with you in my next mail once I received your answer to the above stated questions.

So if you think you can bring some joy, affection, true friendship and companionship to my life, then I will be anxiously waiting to receive your kind answer to these questions.

Meanwhile find attached are some of my pics, so if you don’t mind you should as well send some of your own pics to me too in order for us to know ourselves better and more deeply.

Looking forward to read from you soon,

In Deep Admiration and Love,

3rd e-mail: -
Monica George <>;
Subject: -My appreciation / Awaiting your prompt response
My appreciation / Awaiting your prompt response
FROM: Monica George
Wednesday, October 10, 2012


What a reliable friend message and also God-loving concern response I received from you again today. In your messages you really sound like someone I can always count on, you really make me feel wanted as a friend and more importantly you really make me feel safe. I will really like to have someone like you around me as you seem to be a good hearted and God send person.

As I said earlier, I will really want to us to build and develop a good friendship that will last forever because I have this feeling that you will be a truly honest and good hearted friend that will not betray me. Note that there are many levels of friendship in our lives. Some people are simply acquaintances. Some are “fair weather” friends. Some are friends when it’s convenient. There are some who are extremely friendly only when they need you for something. But to me a friendship is really a relationship. We must remember to honor and respect each other within all our relationships, through forthrightness, honesty, clear communication and trust. Friends are the angels that lift us up with encouragement words during the good and bad times like when we are depressed. So when we are blessed with true friends we can always count on, then we can bravely face any storm and tackle obstacles with a smile.

As per my proposal on the small Private Clinic which I am planning to establish in your Country this which shall be beneficial both financially as well as some help to be rendered to the public who need critical health care. Be reminded that I am not really in a hurry to established my propose clinic in your Country as I have to study or observe your Country very well before I will make my final decision on my proposal, for now I just want to have initial full idea in advance on what it will takes to establish a private clinic outside my Country before I will make final decision on it accordingly. Besides the specific field of services which my own small Private Clinic will be rendering is to provides primary health care and services for in an outpatients suffering from acute or chronic pain and to also make referrals to medical specialists when necessary while my own Clinic is going to be a clinic where services would be charged.

Noted that I am very much aware that to accomplish this venture plan is not going to be the task of couple of days or a week. It will definitely require time, technicality as well as non-technical aspect on various stages. Thus I have prepared to take care of whatever the official expenditure and the technicality as well as non-technical which the project may demand as most of the needful will be accomplished by me through your Country Embassy in my Country. I repeat again I will not need any financial assistance from you regarding this project, rather I will only need your morally, mentally and physically assistance as well as giving suggestions on the good area or location where a good ready building can be rented, leased or purchased in your Country.

Also as I said earlier in my previous message, I will be having my one month work leave at the end of my three weeks official assignments in the offshore. Thus this will really enable me to make tourist visit to your Country as soon as I finish my three weeks official assignment in the offshore / upon receiving appropriate details update from you about the price and the good area where the said ready building can be lease or be purchased by me in your Country so that we can both inspect the area location of the building before I will make my final conclusion on it. Although I may also have to send some needful things along with the architectural building plans of my propose Private Clinic project, not only because I am going to spend almost one month on my tourist visit there in your Country but also because there are limit on the items and even on the amount that we can travel out of the Country with, whenever we are travelling either on official assignment or on official tourism visit outside our Country as we must declare the entire contents of our luggage to our protocol officer at the airport so as to certify us okay that we are not going out of the Country with the luggage that go beyond what the Company’s policy permit us to go out with on any of our official trips, all these which I shall state to you in my next mail as soon as I send to you the parcel that will contain the architectural building plans of my propose Private Clinic project.

Besides I will definitely come over to your Country on Tourist Visa so that we will be able to meet one on one for better discussion as well as to inspect any ready building which you will locate for me, but before I can come to your Country for any personal or physical observation, what I will want you to first of all do for me is to help me check the type of rental building/apartment that can match or that can be converted to the structure already designed for my propose private clinic, this that will be done by you through any professional architect or civil engineer who will help us perform his expert opinion on the architectural building drawing plan that I will courier to you as this will enable you to get some necessary / needful information ready for me before I will come back from the offshore after my three weeks official assignment in the offshore. Although I should have sent to you by email the said Architectural Building Drawing plans of my propose Private Clinic but for the clear legibility of the said Architectural Building Drawing plans and also for the clear legibility of the copy of my International Medical Practitioner's License which I will also send to you, hence it will not be ideal for me to send them through email as some part of the certifications will be omitted or not even legible at all if I compress them to be sent through email due to its larger size.

Therefore you should send to me your physical address or Postal Address where the said architectural building drawing plan can be received by you while you full name and your direct telephone number especially your mobile number will also be needed by me for the appropriate information that will be used in Courier to you all the documents that I wanted to send to you, as I really want to roundup things regarding the sending of the said architectural building plans before I will go back to the offshore in the next few days and it will be until after three weeks before I can have enough time again for this discussions.

Note that being far away for now doesn't change the way I feel about you in my heart. I am delighted after receiving your message indicating your willingness to be my guidance. So no matter how far you are and no matter what you do, I will always let you know how much you mean to me as a best and reliable friend, and how much I truly appreciate you and how much I will always be your best friend forever. I really do feel that the way you have described about yourself and as I know myself, we may be able to have best of friendship.

Meanwhile find below is my home address while the number is my home phone number for the meantime, thus as our acquaint progress I shall give you my hand phone number so that we can open phone communication in order to know ourselves more deeply while we should continue email communication for now, because I am a person who do not open up spontaneously but it takes a while especially to open phone communication but once opened up there are no limits, thus our communication that has started by writing will be open up through phone communication soonest.

#20 Cedars Road,
Colchester, Essex CO2 7BS, U.K.
Tel: +448719159181

So I thank you so much once again not only for accepting me to become your friend but also for your willingness to be my guidance/ mentor on my venture plan, and be rest assured that I'll treasure it in my heart and I will always remember that once in my life, I've known someone like you..

I shall be looking forward to hear more from you with the requested information.

Truly yours friend forever,


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@ rranjan, If a woman is a doctor she is "Dr.". She doesn't use Ms. She spent too much time and work becoming a doctor. Only scammers use titles like Ms (Dr.).

Yogesh Sharma

Same mail received by me. I am trying to put the culprits behind bars. Today itself they demanded the money. This time name and address of lady is changed. The emails sent to me by her are word to word same.

Central Scrutinizer

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Just a hint Yogesh, but the chances of arresting these people are so slim that it's virtually zero. That's why they've been able to get away with it for years. If you want to be more effective at finding them let us know.


I have received mail with same matter, but changed the name. Take action on them.

M B Raj

I also received the same type of mail yesterday in the name of Annabel George. With only the name different.
Thanks for the information which worned me about internet scammers !


i received the same email. that's why i research about her. and now she is Dr.Sandra from offshore. i thankfully because i found now to all of you that she is scammer. bad karma comes to those people like her.


I received same email with name and address of the lady is changed. This time name is Dr. Kourtney Jones.. If any one has observed , in the email sent to me and others, name and address only changes. Phone Number remains same. Such poetic words written by so called lady. I was about to fall prey but then I Researched and thanks to all of you, found that she is internet scammer.

De Master Yoda

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If any one has observed , in the email sent to me and others, name and address only changes. Phone Number remains same
So lets look at this phone number and try to work out why it is always the same one:

Information on phone number range +44 871XXXXXXX

Number billable as premium rate number
Country or destination United Kingdom
City or exchange location
Original network provider*

The number is a PREMIUM RATE number that charges more. So the scammer is also receiving money if you call him.


I have been approached by another "Dr Kate Floor" but the story remains the same. How come she emerges again after long hiatus?


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@ Zafri, scammers (internet criminals) often recycle scam formats. That's why we post the information about them when they appear again.


Also they created a fake courier company called Fleet Speed Logistics. Looks so real but not listed when I googled it. Damn, they are so creative even to create that website. How do track these scammers? They even have an account with a local bank - Hong Leong under d name of Yogaswari A/P Ponnampalan.


Beware Guys.. Now she is known as DR. SONI AUGUSALIM and is registered in Christian Matrimony site. She targets people and sends the same message to all. She now claims to work in SPARROW OFFSHORES SERVICES LTD.


I have also received same email with name changed as Dr Anabel George . Pl sensitize the environment about this fraud.


Me too got same email. I met her on Twoo friendship , now after she send gift to India the courier agent asking 45000 to deposit in bank account in the name of Mosoumi Halder of Tollygunge West Bengal in UBI