Ms Henrietta Holsman Fore, UNICEF Ghana


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from: UNICEF <> via
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to: "" <>
date: Nov 15, 2018,
subject: To All UNICEF Appointed Ambassador.

3 United Nations Plaza
Head Office,
Registry Department,
New York, New York 10017,

Dear Ambassadors.

To All UNICEF Appointed Ambassador.

What a marvelous year its has been to us UNICEF family worldwide, we have been able to achieve our major target for this Year 2018. We wouldn't have come this far if not for the support, finance's and humanitarian relief item sent by various individual, organization and Government worldwide. It gladdening our heart that you chooses to make this great historical event with us for this Year 2018. Once more thank you so much for been by our side and for your help and donation toward humanity, how sweet and pleasant its to put smile on the face of the motherless, fatherless, widower and children who are in refugee camps and caring homes, under the protection of this great organization UNICEF, we do give you all a big thumb up for this great achievement so far, thank you.

As this year draw to the end, I do use this medium to encourage you our Ambassador, both Newly appointed Ambassador and Old Ambassador never to give up in this humanitarian work and further task which await you. Our Newly Appointed Regional Ambassador, this is not my first time to write you, neither Ambassador Cherdivara Andrei who is Humanitarian Affair Officer/Registry Department in Accra Ghana, to notify you of this appointment. If you miss our first mail, kindly notify me via or Ambassador Cherdivara Andrei via mail for the mail to be resent to you alongside with the registration form. I do congratulate you for this position given to you and to instill in you to finalize your pending registration, so that you could be able to join the next group for the upcoming Inauguration coming up on the 8th of December 2018, but before then you are required to summit the following forms if you have not been able to do so;

1. Filled Registration Form
2. Filled Authorization for Direct Deposit
3. United Nations Staff Agreement Form

Upon receiving the above following items, you will be able to receive your first payment of $115,864.00USD, which include your travelling, Health allowance and compensation grant, as noted in your letter of Appointment. You only have 14 working day to complete your registration so that you will be able to received your fund on time and also to attend your inauguration as stated above. Kindly request for the above form if you have not yet received any of it so that the registration department will swiftly work on your file. If you are receiving this mail for the first time, note that your name was in the Vetted list of candidate that Mr. Tedros Adhanom, the Director General of World Health Organization (WHO) submitted for Appointment as the UNICEF New National/Regional Ambassador as the field coordinator to West and Central Africa Region including Asia. I will appreciate your kind effort to Reply this mail as soon as possible so that we could be able to finalize your registration on time, I do hope to hear from you swiftly.

Best Regard,
Ms Henrietta Holsman Fore
Executive Director of UNICEF.
Registry Department,
UNICEF House New-York

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