Ms. Maria Johnson, Meridan Salmons Groups Inc., Scotland

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Subject: Dear friend
Date: 15th Apr 2015

Dear friend

My name is Ms. Maria Johnson, I'm looking for a honest and reliable friend / partner in your country whom I can trust, I work with an Agricultural company here in Scotland, there is a particular product our company is looking for which can only be found in India at this moment. And I have gotten the contact details of the Indian local dealer where this product can be found in India, but I cannot directly do this business as am still a staff of the company, and I don’t want to direct my company to the local dealer due to the profit margin involved
That why I want you to stand for me and do the business with my company acting as a middle man between my company and the producer in your country (Getting this product from the local producer at a cheaper price and selling to the company at higher price) for mutual benefit of both us as it going to be a regular supply in the next two years to come
Waiting for your urgent reply to my email: so I can give you further details and directive on how to handle the business with my company so me and you can make our own profit from it, My company name is Meridan Salmons Groups Inc, you can check on my company website as well: to know more about my company work and product,
Best Regards
Ms. Maria Johnson