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Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018

Regional Director ECO/CEI/UNICEF : Mme Marie Pierre POIRIER
United Nations Children's Fund 'UNICEF-FRANCE'
Joint Inspection Body (C.C.I)
7 rue Saint-Lazare 75009 PARIS
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Dear candidate

Following your application for a job application at the United Nations Children's Fund, offices of the Regional Headquarters of Europe, UNICEF-FRANCE. Indeed, your application has been retained so that you can make a career with UNICEF internationally among the recruits of the second wave of the project after its study because your course has attracted the attention of the entire jury. Please note that your application file has been retained by the preliminary study commission of UNICEF and will be sent to the Joint Inspection Unit (CCI) of UNICEF France for verification and eventual certification of your admission.

To function effectively as a global organization, the United Nations (UN) constantly needs active and dynamic personnel permanently from all the state bodies within it. The UN employs more civil servants around the world, placed under the authority of the Joint Inspection Unit (CCI) of UNICEF in France. In accordance with the principles set out in the Charter, the paramount consideration in the appointment, transfer and promotion of its staff is the concern to provide it with the services of persons of the highest standards of work, competence and integrity through the world without distinction. Integrity means, inter alia, probity, impartiality, fairness, honesty and frankness: qualities that an employee must demonstrate in all aspects of his or her work. Due consideration shall be given when recruiting to the importance of geographical distribution as wide as possible to ensure a better geographical balance of its professional staff. The selection is made without any distinction based on race, sex, religion, even less the influence of postulants or close personalities influential to them. So remember that after receiving your application, under the direction of a jury of the United Nations, the committee of study of the files of the Recruitment Program 2017 comes to inform you of what your file is retained to be forwarded to the relevant department of UNICEF France CCI for verification, approval and possible validation in case of definitive retention for hiring. On those, you must download, fill in and scan to send us attachments by email: THE PERSONAL INFORMATION (P_11) and the REGISTRATION FORM attached to this e-mail. For example, a week of work (120 hours) after receiving completed forms, the UNICEF Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) will validate your hiring within the organization if your file is legally retained after verification, this by a CERTIFICATE OF ADMISSION that you will receive by email for its signature. The admission certificate will be signed and sent by e-mail to the CCI to our management while respecting the instructions given. The Poverty Alleviation Program and UNDP have made available to the UNICEF-France office an individual grant of € 30,000 per successful candidate to help new recruits prepare for their trip once the documents relating to their trip established. In order to benefit from this individual grant, we kindly request you to complete the information and send the completed forms as soon as possible so that we can show them to the ICC in a shorter period of time before the registration of your file is effective and follow the application. letter forward instructions since the procedure is internationally administrative (between you and the regional headquarters of UNICEF France on the one hand, and between us and the World Direction of the USA on the other hand). In case of delayed response to your emails, you can send requests for status of your application to the Regional Office of UNICEF.

If you had already submitted your JOB APPLICATION FILE when recruiting the first wave of recruits from the no-action project, please update all your information if necessary on the forms before sending them back to us. Please send your e-mails directly to the UNICEF France address to ensure a fast reception of your mails and a processing of your application within the given deadlines. Given the significant time difference between the European administration and the American one, a clear delay of the transfer of your mails from the offices of the World Headquarters to UNICEF France is possible. The World Direction can consbe solicited for information by telephone as well as by mail (See email address and telephone contact of the World Headquarters at the beginning of this email) if necessary. In addition, applicants who do not have a Passport can complete the documents, ignore Passport information, but must provide us with the details of their valid ID or any other document that is legally in their home country. residence.UNICEF by my voice wishes you by Anticipation A Happy New Year 2018 and nourishes the hope to count you among its new recruits! Signed ECO / IEC / UNICEF REGIONAL DIRECTORMadam Marie-Pierre POIRIER This message and all attachments are for the exclusive benefit of its intended recipients and are confidential. If you receive this message by mistake, please destroy it and notify UNICEF France immediately. Any use of this message not in accordance with its destination, any diffusion or any publication, total or partial, is prohibited and punishable, except express authorization. UNICEF declines all responsibility for this message, assuming it has been modified or altered.

United Nations (UN) UNICEF Regional Office (UNICEF FRANCE)
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Regional Director ECO / IEC / UNICEF:
Ms. Marie Pierre POIRIER


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+33 637 828 094
+1 669 221 1936

Mme Marie-Pierre POIRIER