Ms Mary Jackson


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Date: Fri, 4 May 2018
From: Mary Jack <>
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Thanks I appreciate your quick response to the directive from my boss Hon. George Mark to pay you the sum $500,000.00 as compensation towards your past efforts in receiving the overdue fund which you were unable to conclude before he found an investor from Australia that assisted him the payment of some fees before the total fund was transferred to his investors bank account. And he gave me the instruction to release the sum of $2,500,000.00 certified bank draft to you as soon as I hear from you which you have complied and hope that in less than 3 banking days that you will have the fund and do inform him as soon as you receive it because he will like to be sure that you receive the fund.

Again, am very convinced that you are the beneficiary of the $500,000.00 certified bank draft, so what you should do now is to reconfirm your below delivery information’s to avoid delivery to wrong person.

Your Full Name: _______________________
Your delivery Address: _______________________
Your cell Phone No _______________________

Please I want you to know that I have taken the bank draft to the Security company for the Security reason and again I have seen your Passport photograph and you look the same to the person that my Boss drop his photograph that will contact me for the bank draft and you also bear the same name with the person am expecting to contact me for the bank draft.

Have a lovely day.
Yours Sister,
Ms. Mary Jackson