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Dear Beloved,

I wish to invest in your country which came into existence after a careful and comprehensive study and analysis of your country’s development. Without wasting much time, It will make a good sense to begin with an identification of my humble self. My name is Mr.Muhammad Shafeeq, a financial consultant of late President Muammar Al-Gaddafi of Libya.The late president left a huge amount of money and gold bar under my care from Libyan Central Bank before the assassination of the president during the civil war in Libya.Now that the president is dead and nobody who knows about the existence of this Funds and Gold,I have decided to transfer this fund and make a massive investment in your country. But the question is can I rely on you?

1. I am seeking for company or individual who have the ability to assist me in transferring this funds and Gold bar, for investment and management.
2. Does your account have the ability to accommodate huge sum?
3. The fund is completely out of Libya to Republic of Benin deposited in a bank.
4. What area of investment do you think this amount will be invested?
5. Have you received money from overseas before?
6. Do you know or have idea of Gold Bar and Dust?
7. I need you as my business partner, sponsor and fund manager?
8. If you have the ability to handle this deal, respond for more clear details on how to go ahead?
9. The money involved is USD$25M million dollars only.

I would like to give you further details of the position of the funds and what you have to do when I get your response. Please, if you're ready to assist me in this situation kindly provide me your personal data and your contact address to proceed this email address for more details (

Mr. Muhammad Shafeeq,


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