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Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2018


I am Musa Usman,From Liberia,My father is an oil Exporter and his into an crude oil business in our country,Is one of the rich man in Liberia in our country and he died in car accident,And i am his only son,And my father have three wife,And before he died in hospital,He told me that he have kept some money for me in saved keeping company before he pass away.

And he told me that are should used the money for any business that i like to do before he died,And immediately my father died,My step mothers they are after my father properties in our country,And because of my father two wife, I moved out of my country to saved my life from them,And the money is in save keeping company in Europe for saving keeping, Which i will like you to assist me to received the money in your country on behalf and used it for investment together,In the area of any investment in your country that you know he we fresh us a good profit at the end of the day,And i can instruct the company to moved the money down to you in your country for the investment you will advice to do in your country for you to stand as the owner of theinvestment in your country,The amount of the money is $US5.5M(Five Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars).

And i promise to give you 20% of the money,For the assistance you will render to me in your country for the investment in your country and the share of the profit after the Investment will be share by 70-30.

And i will like you to be a trusted person to me,In your reply to me send me your full name and your Mobil number and your full address,Your Occupation,Your Age,Your Nationality,So that i can forward it to the company that the money was kept for saved keeping,That you are my beneficiary to received the money on my behalf in your country.

Waiting for your urgent reply

Ma Salaam
Musa Usman