Mustafa Mohammed Zarti, Kanak oil and Gas Libya


One He-Goat Short Of A Westy
from: Mustafa Mohammed zarti <>
date: Jan 10, 2020, 8:24 AM

Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to discussed this wonderful Issue with you.
My Name Mustafa Mohammed Zarti Vice president of Kanak oil and Gas Libya.

My Company name is Amaga kanak oil and Gas inc. It was into crude oil business in Libya own by my later father Al-Maloud Zarti, which I am the second directors of the company..we serve as a major mandate of Libyan National oil Corporation.My father was a Libyan while my mother was an Austrian. My company winded up by act of war during the Libyan revolution of 2011. I grew up in Austria. I return back home to join my father's company in 2008 2 years before the revolution erupted... Due to my father involvement in prosecuting the war against the opposition, he was marked and killed with my mother, living me with first degree sever injury; I managed to cross over to Isle of man in UK on a political asylum where i am currently residing..

The investment capital is $120 Million dollar. Its a proceed of 2 million barrels of crude oil my company handled last before the war that collapsed the company. its was supplied to a Danish refinery through their intermediary in Britsih Virgin Islan UK @ $60/per barrel which amounts to $120 Million.

My company supplied the mentioned oil to danish refinery on CIF basis which has been discharged since and the discharge certificate, issued, tanker ullage report and certificate of origin all where issued. The company has already issued the full payment through financial instrument cash backed MT760 through their intermediary bank in British Virgin Island UK.

After many years that the war ended, I was then contact this January by the intermediary bank Oston Capital in British Virgin island UK where the fund was sent by swift as the surviving Director of the company to come over or appoint a representative with all the documents used during the oil transaction for verification and full payment to be release to my mandate's account. Since I could not do anything regarding the issue because of my health Situation and my improper residence and immigration papers as asylum which will not permit me to make an oversea trip, I contacted you so that I can present you as the company representative and authorized mandate of the company to proceed with the arrangement. so that you can fill in your details in the (SPA) seller purchase agreement used during the oil transaction and submit to the intermediary bank that will release the total fund into your account as would be filled in the SPA for the investment purpose. I am really counting on you to handle this for me very well. I will also send you all the documents used during the oil transaction as pointed out by the bank and also Power of Attorney and Deed of assignment.

Like i mentioned above, I am currently in Isle of man in UK as asylum with inadequate immigration statue and ailing health problem which make it difficult for me to make any move outside where am until i have the right residential paper. beside doctor has warned that I must not embark on long distance journey or any activity that can lead to physical or emotional stress. I need your total corporation as my counter part so that we can achieve the expected objective for further investment and creation of wealth for our mutual benefit.

You can see that the fund for the investment arises from a genuine transaction. once I hear from you, I can then send you an MOU to sign and return, then I give you all the documents covering the transaction for us to proceed without delay.

I wait for your further response accordingly.


Mustafa Mohammed Zarti