My Experience on Badoo


The new year has begun. Many people have intentions, an important: The search to find a (new) partner. Just for the generation over 40 and 50 years, which is often a problem. These so-called "Bestagers" are widowed, divorced, well educated, in professional life, independent, more women than men. Now notice these people, being alone is not everything.

But where do you find? A man can go out alone, does this a woman, she is considered "weird". Not always pleasant. Therefore it is not surprising that the online dating services are booming. This attracts the scammers.

I only have a special profile on Badoo. Meanwhile, I'm reading in the position by observing, to find scammers. The danger is, however, there are many real people with different inclinations (of a sexual nature, harassment, prostitution). Of course, some "real" and dear people are there too. I recognize the fact that I, "the huntress" was being followed for months: "Hi", "Hello" .... I was even asked once: "What such an intelligent woman like you did on Badoo?" In return, I asked, "You look good, academics, what?" The men are charged per month about 26, - Euros, women nothing.

Dear readers, I do not want to look discouraging, but please if so, they were very careful. Never send any money to a stranger. An oil engineer does not need money from a woman ...!
Sometimes, when I chat, I think, "oh, this is real!", but then what usually turns out to be wrong again.

I wish you all in 2013, the right partner, but I would suggest you looking at your social circle. If you read my posts, then you should be past the desire for Badoo Badoo and other dating sites.


When posting of the article, that 12 Belgians were killed in Africa, simply because they wanted to find the love of their life, I am once again struck by how delicate is the subject of online dating.

For over 15 months I am moving in this profession. I personally would never have inscribed me as a member somewhere. Perhaps lack of courage. Every day I check my profiles, look at photos of beautiful men, read profiles. Always the same. I almost always have a lucky hand. On the dating sites there are also many real people, no matter men or women. Since it is inevitable that I was followed and become too. I learned two men known personally. Both I asked for their reasons to be on Badoo. For them, it is good, just normal, nothing dangerous. Both are very sophisticated. But that is the exception, it was confirmed to me that many hookers and similar are here, also in contrast.

Moreover, for me the question, which woman, mid 20 years, wants a man 50 years older? Do people just rose-tinted glasses on? People believe anything?

Please stay careful!


I still noticed something in recent times:

Badoo English: Location of scammers usually Nigeria, Malaysia
Badoo French: Location of scammers usually Cote D `Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso
Badoo German: Location of scammers usually Ghana and other European countries



and theres more!

I'm in Australia and was bombarded with over300 contacts in 2 weeks from women aged between 30 and 35. I'm 58!!!!!
Victoria in the Seychelles was no1 location and Ghana the next but many that listed a northern European country were actually in Ghana.
Get them on yahoo messenger as its harder to fake than email. Get a photo of whomever they are pretending to be and play them back. it's not hard tp pick the fakes, I found one out of 67.
I figure the more of us out there keeping the fakes busy the less targets they successfully milk.