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Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2018
Subject: Re: For you !!! Good day to you

Good day to you

We are highly distinguished and honored that you have responded back to our initial notice despite the little content and thanks for directing your responses to us. I'm Mrs. Nathalie Langlais, 52 years old, business/communication personnel and also a lottery winner. We believe strongly that you can help our noble course. I and members of my family have decided to support families and humanitarian community activities using funds from our business stream which we started with help from The New Horizon Program and also our lottery winning. We have decided to touch the lives of as many persons in your community, using you as a medium.

We may know just the little you might be willing to tell us about yourself, but it is our belief that as humans we are all equal and that everyone has the right to work for a living, to support their families. Our offer to you may be little but we kindly advise that you put the funds to good use, so you can support your family and community directly or indirectly.

For information on our lottery winning, kindly view the link below: tes/201704/24/01-5091364- gagnants-de-55-millions-on- est-dans-un-monde-parallele. php

Recently, my doctor told me, I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and I have been to the United States for treatment and further medical intervention but I still reside in my country Canada. We’ve been married and we have a happy family, I decided to donate funds to good persons that will utilize this money in good faith through the New Horizon Program.

I am very grateful to you for the interest shown in my plight and the confidentiality of this issues is of high priority and importance to us, we have won the lottery since April 2017 and have not done any official funding till now, we have been patient until this time and we do not want issues that will blow this out of proportion, tarnish our reputation and in the end distort and disrupt our sole intention of reaching out to other in goodwill.

I want to assure you that you will be greatly rewarded for what you have chosen to do, by reaching out to other and also making good use of 60% of this ceded benefit for business and personal purpose. I believe our father has directed me to you, kindly assure me you will keep this transaction confidential. I have been a member/volunteer of the New Horizons Program, Department of Community Development in the City of Ottawa, on K1G 3P9 Ottawa, under Susan Gonzalez our Volunteer Coordinator but I live in Quebec where I work and also meet with families within my community.

Our belief is that with help from this program from which I and my family have benefited from, we cannot afford to turn away from helping other now that we have the opportunity, we strongly believe that every family out there should be given equal opportunity and a chance for a better living, If you choose to accept our offer, then you will have the opportunity of starting up a good business model if you have any in mind and also promote your business if you have already started any and at the same time help as a volunteer to reach out to other needy person in your community.

At the moment I cannot write much because of my health, accordingly as the first step in our volunteer familiarization process, I require your urgent response if you are trustworthy and willing to help utilize this funds in good faith for the benefit of all. I will immediately write my chamber to prepare a court injunction/power of attorney making you a beneficiary of this project under the New Horizon, I would like you to introduce yourself and would like to know a little about yourself, kindly use the below guideline to introduce yourself and tell us a little we need to know about you:

Full name (s):
Phone Number:
Full Address: (Including your State and Country)

Be assured you stand no risk as this is my money, I have the sole power to donate/cede the funds to whomever I choose to. All I need is your absolute trust, commitment, confidentiality and honesty, best regards to your family.

Nathalie Langlais
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We do not intend to make a public show of our activities, we kindly advise this letter is confidential and should be kept personal to prevent unforeseen and undue advantage and adverse feedback, this email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for you and your family. If at any point in time you do not intend to complete this offer for personal reasons best known to you, please you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail. Please kindly send a disclaimers message /notification via email immediately as feedback. You are hereby notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited
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From: Nathalie Langlais <>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2018
Subject: Re: For you !!! Good day to you


Thanks for your information, now you have checked the internet and you have said this is a scam, kindly show or send the link to me. I know you have written this because of fear of the unknown.

Well, this is an offer I cannot force you to receive and if you feel you are not interested, Do not say what you know nothing about.