NatWest Bank (UK) Limited


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Notice posted by the Regulator:-

1. NatWest Bank (UK) Limited is not connected in any way to RBS International Limited trading
as NatWest and companies within the RBS group. The RBS group has headquarters in
Edinburgh, Scotland and has a presence in various jurisdictions including Jersey. In Jersey,
NatWest (RBS International trading as NatWest) have several branches including their main
branch at 16 Library Place, St Helier and as with other companies within the RBS Group are
authorised by the Commission to conduct regulated activities.

2. NatWest Bank (UK) Limited has never been registered, nor applied for registration, under
the Banking Business Law. Therefore any deposit-taking business, as defined in Article 3 of
the Banking Business Law and carried out by NatWest Bank (UK) Limited, is in breach of
Article 8 of the Banking Business Law.

3. From documentation held by the Commission, it appears NatWest Bank (UK) Limited
display warning signs of being set up for a fraudulent purpose.



National Westminster Bank Plc is the largest retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom and has been part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc. also known as (RBS) since 2000. It is more commonly known as NatWest.
there is however a NatWest PLC (pubic limited company)

but there is no Natwest bank under the headings
NatWest Bank (UK) Limited

If in doubt the real Nat West login page should contain
Advice to customers : download and use Rapport for online banking with NatWest and do not save NatWest page to favorites , the login system changes with safety upgrades all the time and may not let you login .