Need Help - Uncle being defrauded!



My wife's uncle (75 years old) is being defrauded by a banking scam (Dying Person/Dubai/Charity/$32000000). To date they have been able to get him to open and deposit $5000 USD into a London bank. They are now requesting an additonal $27000 USD to "upgrade" the account so it can receive the $32000000. Unfortunately I am unable to convince him that this is a scam. I looked though the forums and printed a dozen similar request letters and he is still convinced that this is a legitimate business deal. I have told him that a dying person would not require him to open a bank account and pay for the transfer of funds - a lawyer and a trust would be set up. He truly believes that he is going to be the administrator of a charity and will receive 10% of the funds as his renumeration. He is staying with me in London during this "business deal" and I have just installed a keyboard logger on my computer so I can monitor the progress of this fraud as he is now asking relatives for a loan to cover the additional fees required to upgrade his bank account. I have raised the alarm with his immediate family however it only a matter of time before he finds the funds (bank loan or friend).

I am at a loss here. I think if I could demonstrate to him the mechanics of the fraud - how this "bank account" he has opened is not under his control and the various steps the fraudster uses to get him to deposit funds might help him see this fraud. Although he is 75 years old he does not seem to be suffering from any mental degregation. Understanding the psychology of the victim would also help (eg Ego - he is flattered that someone trusts him to administer this charity ...).

Hopefully I will have access to his e-mail account tonight and I will be able to discover more information about the fraud (individual's "identity", bank, e-mail headers, etc)

This is happening now. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you.


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It would be useful if you could post more details on the persons and the "charity" involved, e.g. Names, email addresses, physical addresses and/or websites & emails.
The emails are especially useful as we may be able to demonstrate that your uncle is being lied to if the IP location differs to the potential scam artist's supposed location.

Action Fraud are also very helpful if you can convince your uncle to call them.


these six short Videos.

link dead now
I wonder what happened to UncleBeingDefrauded's wifes uncle
I wonder if the six short videos stopped the elderly uncle sending more money
I wonder why no reply
I wonder if the whole thread should go to the bin now