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Thank you for your interest in working with us, We are a major player in the manufacture and fabrication of global Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Auto Parts Fabrications and Metal Works Fabrications, Due to the ever increasing demands for our products and services and the need for expansions into new markets. we currently have openings for managers and accountants in your country, they will be in charge of all our dealings till we are able to open show rooms and employ additional staffs. Presently we do not have an organized setup in your country; this is why we require the services of managers and accountants to assist in Sales and Distributions of our products, processing of accounts receivables from the sales made, paying commissions to our agents and marketers, traveling for inspection of products for delivery purposes and reconciliation of accounts with our customers in your country. We also intend to make provisions for more locations by next quarter to help market our products in other cities and would require capable managerial staffs on full and part time basis.Your contact was sourced from a reliable B2B professional site, which confirms you as a very suitable candidate for the Job opening. kindly send your resume / contact details for immediate consideration and placement.

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