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The numbers at the bottom are not real computer read numbers. The picture and the name may be stolen from a real victim. Scammers can use a stolen passport as a template. However, this scan of a passport is a complete fake.


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Please can someone tell me if this is fake???

Please i need to know if this is a scam because is for an apartment in the hague (holland), and she said to send a deposit to [] that is her lawyer in London!!!!

Dutch special.jpg

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:welcome: Thank you for your post.

The email address given, if corrected to <>, shows as being related to a known fake job scam on a website in the Czech Republic.

The picture is too small and the definition not good enough to see the details. Do you have a better resolution image?

If you have any emails, especially with headers, which you can post it would be very helpful.
definetly false

Can anyone advise if this looks like a fake passport
This passport says USA, it is supposed to say the place of birth not country

Besides a dutchpassport requires that you see the ears of the person on the picture, so this picture would not be accepted
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