Neville Devir, APZ Global Trust


One He-Goat Short Of A Westy
from: <>
date: May 15, 2019, 10:42 AM
subject: Representative required

Hello ,
I am Neville Devir, a financial consultant with APZ Global Trust, formerly residing in California, US but now based in London, UK. I presently work with a Paymaster who is licensed to receive and transfer funds for and on behalf of individuals and corporate bodies globally. Can you be our payment representative?

The Paymaster wants a payment representative in the United States for most of the supplies made to US companies by some of our registered suppliers/partners based in the Canada, UK and Europe because most of those companies that have received supply from our partners take advantage of our not having an agent in the US to delay payments. So it is our consideration that with you and your reputation as our payment representative in US, every client directed to send his payment to you will comply much easily knowing that you are based there in the US. Most of the payments come by wire transfer and certified checks for our record purposes.

Most importantly, please note that before any payment will be directed to your account, that payment must be verified by the paymaster and his bankers to be clean and without any encumbrance and details of the paying customers will be given to you for record purposes.

This is the reason why the Paymaster has requested me to help in getting a trusted person to facilitate payments and receive such payment on behalf of his partners for a compensatory service commission of 10% of whatever amount is paid through you. Can you handle this for us and take your percentage? What is the limit you can handle at a time?

I assure you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about in this business because I have done several businesses with the Paymaster in the past and all ended successfully hence this new opportunity.

Please let me have your opinion and your details if you can handle this together.