New digital card reader scam.

De Master Yoda


#SCAM URGENT! Can I just make my friends and family aware of something I have dealt with today? One of my ladies received this digital card reader in the post 2 weeks ago from The Royal Bank of Scotland with the enclosed letter. She left it to one side as being elderly she wasn't interested in it.

Two days ago she had a phone call from the bank asking if she received it she said she had but was taking it back to bank as she didn't want it, the "very nice man" told her she didn't have to do that he can cancel it for her and told her to put her card and number in to do this.

The next day she went to the bank for a statement and yes you can guess so every penny had been took out of her account including savings for her granddaughters! She was devastated and the worst of it is SHE felt foolish and ashamed!!! I reassured her these scammers are very good at it.

Luckily she got her money back but apparently this is a new digital system coming out now so please make your contacts aware of this as it looks very genuine.