New supplier- Hongkong/ China Looks Genuine please advice


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Hi Friends,

I am in process of having a deal with a electronic suppliers/ Consultant in Hongkong who would act as a representative to ship the goods as required by me through their company. For me its looks genuine as there seems to be a professional and standard business mails coming through. They don't seem to be from African countries as i have spoken to them and their speech is quite professional. But we never know.
Kindly advice.

Chief Representative (Shanghai)
Mededa International Co., Ltd.
Address: Room L, 19/F., Phase 2, Goldfield Bld.,
144-150 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung,
Hong Kong.

Thanks and best regards
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There is such an entity in Hong Kong, but I cannot say for sure that you are

dealing with the right people as Scammers do use the names of legit entities.