New tools to spot and avoid counterfeit drugs


2020 Fraud Alert: New tools to spot and avoid counterfeit drugs

America’s healthcare costs are skyrocketing, and many Americans look for ways to save, including turning to online pharmacies for cheaper prescription drugs.

But a recent survey of 12,000 online pharmacies found that 95 percent of the online pharmacies posed safety concerns to their customers, including selling knock-off versions of real medications. Counterfeit drugs are on the rise, and consumers need to be aware of what they should do if they encounter a medication that they suspect to be a fake.

To help consumers understand the risks of counterfeit drugs and how to avoid them, we have launched a new Fake Rx Action Center at

You don't have to risk your health in order to save on prescription drugs. Get the important, life-saving info you need to protect yourself, and your loved ones, from counterfeit drugs at

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