New Zealand: People still losing money to scams

Hua Mulan

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A long article with video.

Scammers siphoning millions of dollars from vulnerable New Zealanders each year

11 Jun, 2018
NZ Herald
By: Carla Penman, Chelsea Boyle

Sophisticated syndicates of international criminals are preying on vulnerable Kiwis in a web of elaborate scams, siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars out of the country. They are destroying families, wiping out retirement savings and leaving a dent in our economy, reports Chelsea Boyle.

She thought he was the love of her life.

But a trusting Kiwi pensioner was duped out of nearly $567,000 after falling victim to a romance scam last year.

The woman had used an online dating site aimed at widowers where she "met" a man who befriended her online and their virtual relationship blossomed over the months that followed....