Ngwe Josian Azah, Cameroon


Tannia Pitchford

I have just been scammed by a Cameroonian. I guy had up a website selling puppies in Ohio. Everything looked legit. I didn't send him the full payment because something about him made me feel uncomfortable. I sent him a partial payment through PayPal. Of course he didn't want to use PayPal but eventually gave me his info. Sure enough... He got me. Even had me go wait at the airport for the freaking puppy. He had me to send a money gram wire to Cameroon the "Pet Transport Company". I am trying so desperately to find this dude or at least his real name or something. To add insult to injury he is still sending me texts today saying that I must not have really loved this puppy since I won't pay the rest of the money. He even swore on name of Jesus that he wouldn't lie or scam anyone. Here is the information I do have:

Phone Number: (614) 996-4676
Email: breezy.alz; destineyorkie562;
Money Gram Sent to: Ngwe Josian Azah, Cameroon, Douala

Please help me find this scum and get my $590 back.

De Master Yoda

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@Tannia sorry to hear you lost money. You may like to contact Paypal and see if you can recover any of your money.

Some more information about this scammer.

A google search shows:
No results found for "breezy.alz".
Your search - "destineyorkie562" - did not match any documents.

No results found for "Ngwe Josian Azah, Cameroon, Douala".

(614) 996-4676 is a landline based telephone number operated by Xo Ohio, Inc. and is located in zip code 43085 in the city of Columbus, Ohio, which is in Franklin County, and is in the Midwest.

614-996-4676 is FRANK HALLIHAN.

I have reported several of his ads as scams. You can help by doing a google search of the phone number and reporting any of his advertisements. The scammers rely on advertisements to get new people to fall for their scams.
Having their ads removed causes them loss of money and can hurt them.

Lone Wolf

More of his advertisements, this time for the sale of small monkeys have also been reported as being scams.
Lets reduce this scammers income dramatically. :cool:

De Master Yoda

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Baby Monkeys for sale Text(614) 996-4676 - $650.00 USD

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Jul 17-18:48

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"This listing is not live. The seller may no longer be contacted." ;)

Monkeys For Adoption //., Text(614) 996-4676 - $650.00 USD

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This listing is not live. The seller may no longer be contacted.


And another one reported this is not the scammers lucky day.
"Thank You! Your report has been received. We will review the listing for compliance and legitimacy."

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And another one reported.

Nice work folks it looks like the first SIX ads (mainly for the sale of monkeys) have now been removed. (y)