Nigeria: Access Bank warns about new fraud


Access Bank exposes new scam methods | The Nation Nigeria

Access Bank exposes new scam methods

August 19, 2020

Access Bank has urged customers to be on the lookout for fraudsters using new methods to rip people off by preying on the distress that comes with the nationwide lockdown.

It said fraudsters contact potential victims via mail, phone call or text to request for bank details with the promise of crediting their accounts.

Those who provide the details, the bank said, get their accounts emptied.

The scammers, according to the bank, also come under the guise of government officials, social advocates and false NGOs allocated to share the relief fund promised by the government.

“This, unfortunately is a fraudulent scheme and given the current state of affairs, an easy scam to fall for,” the bank said in a statement.

Its Executive Director, Retail Banking, Victor Etuokwu added: “Access Bank is imploring its customers to be wary of any message, demanding their personal or bank details. Customers must remember that the Bank will never ask for their BVN, full card PAN, PIN, mobile app activation code, OTP or password as it is readily available to the Bank via its database.

“Any call, email and text message, claiming to be from Access Bank and demanding for any of these details is certainly a scam,” he concluded.

“Also, customers are advised to refrain from sharing user generated codes when migrating from the old Diamond Bank app to the Access More app.

“With knowledge of this pin, these fraudsters can gain entry to your bank app, and from there have access to the money in your account.”

He reasoned because of the peculiar nature of the lockdown situation, people are exposed to all sorts of threats including financial, that may sometimes come in different and unusual format.

Etuokwu noted that everyone should remain vigilant at all times and report all suspicious activities to the appropriate authority.

He asked unsure customers to report any suspected fraud case to the customer care line.