Nigeria: Ending Crime by Phone


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Posted to the web 15 August 2008

“A committee comprising officials of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), telephone service providers, security agencies and others is now working on a plan to make all phone users identifiable. If everything goes according to plan, it will become possible to trace every phone user wherever he may be in the country and beyond. All phone operators will be compelled to activate only lines whose owners are known.
The plan is bad news for kidnappers, 419 fraudsters, armed robbers, terrorists, hired killers and blackmailers. It is therefore one government project that should be supported by everyone who has no skeleton in his cupboard. At present, the number of phone users in the country is said to be more than 53 million; the number will inevitably reduce drastically if this project succeeds. That will mean less congestion on the networks and better phone services.
A credible phone-user database is acceptable, just like the other plan by the NCC to discourage the stealing of handsets. Both projects should be completed by the end of this year. Anything that works to discourage crime is welcome.â€￾

If everything goes according to plan…