Nigeria- "I Go Chop Your Dollar"


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Much as I hate to admit it, that is a rather snappy number.

"419 is just a game, everybody play am". Yes, unfortunately, to a lot of scammers what they are doing is not a crime, it's just a game. :mad:


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I can' believe that they are actually proud of what they are doing!!!??? What a bounch of psychos!
Am sure glad they did this video and put it out there for everyone to see - so that now they will get less money (I hope) and less loosers to scam!


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There's actually an interview with the man who directed the video (or maybe the movie). I'll have to look for it.


[ame=""]YouTube - Osuofia - I Go Chop Your Dollar[/ame]
This is not the version I heard before, this vid shows it has an eye on the injustice of leadership in his country and it seems "Osuofia" is learning how to parody himself .

There is anther way of looking at his music with that particular song, I feel they should not all be negative ,after all it is about fraud .

Another earlier interpretation of the song is where the feelings of his people were reflected because that is what popular music does .... rightly or wrongly .

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This is it. That's the long version Ben. And I think it's basically taken from a movie of which I've seen parts.


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Uzodinma Okpechi is back on you tube. he isn't a scammer. He just sang the song in the movie.

[ame=""]YouTube- Nigeria - Uzodinma Okpechi - I Go Chop Your Dollar[/ame]