Nigeria: Scammer uses a womans faith against her!

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The following story shows how the scammers do not respect ANY religion But just use any means they can, to scam people and steal their money.
At least in this case they were caught.


A 42-year-old American lady, who came to Nigeria from Texas, United States, with her wedding accessories to tie the nuptial knot with a supposed male American Muslim she met on the internet has gone back home heartbroken.

This followed the discovery that the man she had travelled to Africa to be joined to in wedlock was not the one in the photograph sent to her, but a 24-year-old Nigerian posing as an expatriate engineer, working in an oil company.

The victim, Thumbelina Henshaw, a Muslim, did not only lose her heart to the fraudster but also lost more than 50,000 dollars, as well as several gift items she had been sending to the con man through courier services.

When Henshaw met the fraudster identified as Abdulakeem Yekini, rather than yell at him for fooling her, she was said to have calmly handed him a copy of the Holy Quran and told him to seek Allah’s forgiveness. Already, Yekini has become a guest of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

One of the precious things Henshaw salvaged from the relationship was a 20,000 dollars worth of jewelry she brought to Nigeria. She had initially planned to present it to her heart-throb and his Muslim brothers to sell and then add the proceeds to the funds for the wedding preparation.
Daily Sun gathered that Yekini allegedly found Henshaw, a nurse, on a website for singles and began to chat her up.

Within a few days of chatting, Yekini knew the lady was a dedicated Muslim and decided to use her religion to ensnare her. He told her he was a staunch Muslim named William Phillips, an American, working in an oil company in Nigeria.

Yekini further told Henshaw that he has two children, named Hakim and Jane. Pretending to be Phillips, he also said his wife died in an automobile accident. The fraudster finally hoodwinked her when he told Henshaw he loved her and was looking for a dedicated Muslim wife, who would be a mother to his children.
When Henshaw asked him to send his picture, Yekini downloaded a white man’s picture from the internet and forwarded it to her. The chatting, which started in June 2005, snowballed into talks about marriage.

In the course of the discussions, Yekini told the lovesick woman that the mosque he attends in Nigeria needed renovation and that good Muslims were contributing funds towards the repairs. He also introduced her to the Imam at the non-existent mosque. But operatives of the EFCC believe that Yekini was also the person posing as Imam and chatting with Henshaw on the internet. When Yekini told Henshaw that the mosque was where they would get married when she comes to Nigeria, she immediately sent him 1,500 dollars. After sending the first dollars, Henshaw continued sending more money whenever Yekini told her about any Muslim project. Aside from the money, she never relented in sending valuable items.

To further fool her into believing his lies, Yekini said he would be coming home to America. Trying to assist him in reducing cost, Henshaw sent a return ticket to Nigeria for him at N1,700 dollars, but he never showed up. When Henshaw said she would like to come to Nigeria for the wedding as agreed, Yekini asked for postponement of the ceremony, claiming he needed urgently to go to Liberia for a job.
After two postponements of the wedding, Henshaw felt it was better to just come to Nigeria herself for the wedding. She went shopping. She called the Imam and told him she was coming to Nigeria.
She met another Muslim on the flight to Nigeria and became friendly with him. She told him her story and he hinted her that she could be dealing with fraudsters. They had contacted EFCC, which agreed to set a trap for the fraudster.

Having arrived Nigeria, December 2, 2005, she called Yekini and asked him to come to a hotel in Ikeja. A trap was set for Yekini, who came, thinking he could still deceive the woman.
When it dawned on him that he had walked into a trap, he tried to jump a fence, but EFCC operatives caught him. Recovered from him was a cellular phone that Henshaw identified as one of the items she sent to the supposed American, called William Phillips.
The EFCC spokesman, Mr Osita Nwajah, told Daily Sun that the suspect would soon be charged to court.
He said: “We are sure to get a clean conviction.”
A scammer goes to low depths

It just shows the low depths these criminals will go to.
Just to get money off honest folk.
To use another's faith and trust like this is deplorable.
I hope that they get long jail terms and meet up with "Big Bubba" in the shower rooms :eek:

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Scammers and Parasites

@Trickster, I think you hit the nail on the head, these parasites will do anything to get their greedy hands on money, it does not matter to them at all about the heartache and misery they leave behind them.
Truly they are lowlife scum:(


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cancer of the society


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@blackwidow_spider. It is true, the romance scams are a very cruel type of scam.

Not only do they steal money but steal the emotions of people.

There is a special place in hell reserved for these foul creatures.
To see people like these scammers reduced to sub human creatures just for money is sad.

While the scammers are shallow low life scum, fortunately many of the good people they scam are decent and have the courage to fight back. This means the scammers will always lose in the end.

On top of this the scammers have to live with their conscience and answer to their maker eventually.

Meanwhile, we will do all we can to stop them with the help of honest decent people like you. Thank you for your posts, it is a pleasure to know you.

You have many friends on AFI. :cool:


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THANK YOU VERY MUCH...PALJON KIITOKSIA....MILLE GRAZIE...MUCHAS GRACIAS....TO THE AFI FAMILY. I am getting strength from all of you. I thought I will remain alone...but instead I have found this group. I really appreciate the good hearts you have...the willingness to help..I know GOD will reward each one of might be not here on earth...but in the LIFE BEYOND. GOD NEVER CLOSES HIS EYES...HE KEEPS ON WATCHING and every action we are doing is listed in the BOOK OF LIFE.

It is so disgusting that these demoniacs are existing...THE REAL CANCERS OF THE SOCIETY. When the right time and place comes...I PROMISE TO HELP AFI, TOO. Everytime I see a message anyone from AFI...I feel delighted...I could feel the support of the group. KEEP ON GOING AND MORE POWER.
Hi blackwidow_spider. I am glad you found your way to AFI you seem to be a remarkable lady and it is nice to meet you.

The scammers can only look forward to misery for their bad actions There will be a reckoning and they will be found wanting.

You have a lot of members helping you and you will do just fine. :nod:


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Reading a lot...I found AFI

Surfing the internet, reading, getting updates on what's going on around the globe ... I found AFI interesting while reading so, I decided to join.

The scammer that I met on the internet, told me once...YOU ARE SO SMART...SO METICULOUS...YOU READ A LOT... YOU TALK...THIS IS WHAT I DON'T LIKE... I answered him: BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW AND DISCOVER THINGS WHEN I THINK AND FEEL THERE IS SOMETHING FISHY GOING ON....everytime I answer him like this he tells me: I WILL DESTROY YOU...YOU WILL REGRET.

And for the support the AFI is giving to me...A HEARTFELT THANKS AND GRATITUDE...MORE POWER TO EVERYBODY.


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En voi unohtaa minun kokemukseni huijarista koko elämäni. Kiitos Jumalalle, että AFI on kanssani tässä taistelussa.