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Fashion statement
Well, every girl neds lots of shoes, and the latest fashion statement seems to be having several passports, just to match a girl's mood. Scammer Mathina Alamieyeseigha has 2. Every woman should have at least 2. :) (I love the hat in #2).

Alamieyeseigha Mathina.jpg
Alamieyeseigha Mathina 2.jpg

Central Scrutinizer

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Grace Bolaige

I notice this passport for scammer Grace Bolaige (Bola-ige) looks a lot like the #2 passport ^^^^for Mathina Alamieyeseigha. Maybe they are twin sisters?

Bolaige Grace.jpg

Spanish Admin

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We haven't had a fake Nigerian one for a while. Here's a template we've seen before, and a picture too.
Scammer: Prince Jeorge
Passport name: Adekunle Jones Brathwait

Braithwait Adekunle.jpg