Central Bank of Nigeria, Irrevocable Bond Guarantee Certificate. For George Smith


D lotter

Royal court of justice
Great Britain
Sworn affidavit of claim
Scammer: Lain Duff, depositor
Names used: Alliot Mark,Otto Cedric, Barrister bowman gilfillian associates
Commissioner of oath: sir robert ferguson


New Member
Our Organization was founded in 1998 and one of the first emails we received came from the Central Bank of Nigeria requesting to send us millions in donations to help us start up. We said that would be fine as long as the Government of Nigeria approved it. So we sent the then ruling General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida an email to confirm, but never heard back from them. The documents from the Bank of Nigeria were beautiful with signatures and all. So then we decided to contact them to confirm everything was approved to make the wire transfer donation, and they said there were issues and to contact their Barrister in London, U.K., which we did. Then the alleged Mr. Smith said that we had to sent them about 500 pounds to release the funds. At about that time we received a reply from the Nigerian Central Bank that no donations had been approved, and that this was a scam. We never heard back from them. Occasionally still receive these types of emails that somehow make it through our main contact emails...that is our experience with these types of scams.

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Federal Internal Revenue Service, None Residential Income Tax Clearance
L. A. Lawal, Principal Inspector of Taxes

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