Nikos Karapanos, Achaia Clauss


Staff member
From: Nikos Karapanos <>
Date: Sep 23, 2020
Subject: Machine Sample Attached / Price of the Machine


Thanks again for your willingness to assist and thanks for your quick response. Actually, it's a fully-automatic packing machine with multi-function which is widely used for food, beverage, cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals packaging.

We need you to handle it on behalf of Achaia Clauss Healthcare and transact it from China to us in the Greece. You help us to pay for the machine and the shipment will be done to you before moving it to us here in the Greece.

The Equipment / Machine will first be shipped to you before shipping it to us in the Greece. It will be cheaper and quicker due to the high import rate/charges by our government for products coming from China and the unfavorable monetary policy of the government on our company which makes money transfer difficult and takes longer process.

The total cost of the machine is $48,700 including shipment. Shipment is by maritime.

If you can handle it we will reimburse you immediately including all local / taxes charges that might be incurred in the course of the transaction and additional 20% of the total invoicing amount will be paid to you for invoicing upon arrival to you before moviong it to us.

An invoice has already been sent to us but we will ask the sellers in China to re-issue another invoice in favor of you and we will get that across to you as soon as possible.

You will need to reconfirm to us your detail information so as to enable us forward it to the seller in China for them to prepare another invoice in your favour.

Once this is done and we send the invoice across to you, you will require to go ahead and make the payment and send the payment confirmation slip to us for us to forward it to the seller in China as proof of payment for immediate shipment to you after which you shall move it to us here. The shipment will commence immediately once the payment is made by you and you will require to immediately prepare your invoice for us to reimburse you the total amount plus 20% of the total invoicing as mentioned above plus any other charges you may incure during the course of the transaction for us to reimburse you so as to facilitate further movement to us upon arrival to your place.

The equipment by dimension is 6100*970*1450 mm and weighs 2100 kg.

We attached herein the sample machine.

We shall await your quick response.
Nikos Karapanos
Achaia Clauss