Noomi Nordegren


Staff member
From:, South Africa, Johannesburg, Internet Solutions
Subject: Hello From Noomi.
From: "Noomi Nordegren" <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2021

This is intended to not offend you in anyway. I write in hopes that we can be friends from across the World.

Here are few highlights I feel you might like about me and might convince you to write back to be friends.
-I'm very friendly and fun to be around.
-I'm down to earth and adventurous(Love to try out new things).
-Open minded and spontaneous.
-I love open and engaging conversations etc.

Furthermore, I believe you qualify to be a good person too. You might be wondering what makes me so sure, well.. I'm not, but I'm trusting through our conversations I'll find out.

But first, I'll need your response to this email to be sure that I at least have your attention.

Noomi Nordegren
Please write me back on this email.