offshore accounts


kyle kidd

Is there a fee to open a offshore online banking account with a500,000 me setup fee. ? Then activation fee before transfer, and if it is completely refundable , what is the point and why can't it come out
Of the new deposot

De Master Yoda

@Kyle, welcome to AFI. This is a total scam. There is no money that will ever come to you. The scammers are trying to steal money from you for fees and chargers that are imaginary.

IF they had any money to transfer to you there is no need for you to open an account overseas.
Many millions of transactions are done between banks in different countries.

They are trying to scam you by getting you to send money to them by various lies and tricks. Please stop all contact with them and if you send them any money at all it is a certainty that you will lose it.

why can't it come out
Of the new deposit

EXACTLY. The answer is that there is NO money and the whole point of the scam is to steal money from you, they will never give any out.
So they cannot take it out of the funds as the funds do not exist.