Ogbebor Osemuahu Kingsley

De Master Yoda

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We have a real treat for you with this scumbag. Pretends to be a spellcaster, DR, AND a Pastor.

He uses the name of Dr Nizula, Metusalala Nizula. and others like Anne Fred, Kenneth Powell,
Ben Powell, Vivian Winner, Dr Odume, KizzotoGod, Rose and Nabakrin.

We believe his real name is Ogbebor Osemuahu Kingsley.
First name: Ogbebor
Last name: Kingsley
Middle name: Osemuahu
County: Nigeria
State: Edo State
Town: Ekpoma
Current city Benin-City, Edo, Nigeria

Ambrose Alli University

17 November 2014 to 19 October 2017 · Accounting

Here is a Photo of this mental midget;

Here is one of his more intelligent poses. WOW is this guy ever a loser.


Sapphire's Strike

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Dear me, he's just a kid, not long out of diapers. Ogbebor Osemuahu Kingsley you are a disgrace. It will be very hard for you to get a real job now or even a Visa perhaps due to your fraud and thieving.

Lone Wolf

Wetin dey MUGU. Ogbebor Osemuahu Kingsley is a very stupid scammer boy.

Here is another photo of this small boy who likes to think he is someone important, instead he is just a thieving scumbag.


Lone Wolf

Probably a whiny crybaby too.
I think so.

Here is a photograph of him looking as though he has just realized what a mess he has made of his life. A rough day at the office Ogbebor Osemuahu Kingsley?

OOOO I like your little girly earring. Gone off girls have you small boy?


Sapphire's Strike

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He does seem to have "delusions of grandeur". Is this normal though for a small boy, I think it is?
Ogbebor Osemuahu Kingsley is certainly a scumbag, thief and fraud who might get his ass kicked real soon.

Central Scrutinizer

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"I never scammed anyone"
"Okay, yeah that's my email but I never scammed anyone"
"Okay, yeah I sent that email but I never got any money so I gave that all up".
"I've given my life to Jesus"

Feel free to use any or all of these excuses when you cry and complain Kingsley. Scammers always do. You can no doubt add some new life to these tried and true rationalizations for what you did.


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Let's see now, one bottle of Harp, three bottles of Satzenbrau. Don't know what's in the can but it could be Guinness.

Anyway, in Ireland, some people think Satzenbrau is a beer for the ladies.
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I love it. We have a section on our website for Loan Scammers and the idiots think they get visitation rights to post there under the comments . I think we should have one for Spellcasters and go for a dramatic increase in the data base.