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So the story here is that i am currently in "dialogue" with a beautiful sexy and sweet Russian girl who is so madly in love with me after 2 weeks. Wow! i asked myself, how did i get this lucky...well I am, as far as she or he is concerned. I am really having fun with this one. I fell head over heels in love before she could say a word. I am so in love, i wanna sell all my stuff, empty my savings and send it to her..i mean him and we will be happy forever. I am so in love i might actually ask her....i mean him to wire me some money so i can afford to sell all my stuff and then send all my money back to her...uuuurggg......i mean him. The photos are driving me crazy..i just wished i was getting the naked ones..then, i will sign over my house and all my property to my sexy beautiful russian queen. We will stroll on the beach, cuddle in the candle light and just survive on our love....AWWWW!!!! It feels really good to be in love does'nt it? Anyway i am going to keep enjoying this rare moment of my acquaintance with my princess and when she ask for money...I am just going to sadly miss her...i mean him. Oh! i wish i have my russian beauty to say thank you to all in Russian but i wait till we meet or not meet depending on when she......i mean he realizes i was so intoxicated with love that i just fell off the face of the earth.....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!