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Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2018
From: Olha <glloryy3@gmail.com>
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Subject: I`m looking for someone honest.

Hellooo J..., it`s Olha.
I`m glad to see your letters. ;-))))

How is the weather in your city ? As for us, we have a cold summer this year. I thought it would be warmer in july))

If i have some mistakes in my message, please don`t be too strict to me. I have never had an experience in correspondence with a man in the internet. I am speaking from my heart & I am honest with you that I am really looking for a true love and serious relations.

Ok,I am 31 years old.
Olha- it`s my real name. Nice to meet you))
J...., you have a very beautiful name:`)))))))

Well, I live alone in my Mom`s appartment.
I`m working as the Secretary. I have never been married and I have no children.
I like to do different kinds of sport: swimming, aerobics and running.
I think that every person should keep fit and be in a good shape.
I visit the gym two times a week. (Tuesday and thursday). By the way. Yesterday I was very tired at the gym :-))
I hold my body in the healthy form. Write me. Do you do sports in your life now?

How old are you ?
Tell me about something interesting, you like to do.
May be it will be your hobby and interests?
Where do you live now? Tell me as much as possible about yourself.
I have sent you my picture. I hope you`ll like it ;-))
I`ll be waiting for your message and more your photos ;-)))))

See you tomorrow.

All my best Olha.


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Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2018
From: Olha <glloryy3@gmail.com>
Reply-To: Olha <glloryy3@gmail.com>
Subject: B... how`s it going ?

I write you again, B
After all, I have only good intentions and I have not any secrets.
I was born and I live in an average part of Ukraine in city Horodyshche, Cherkasskaya areas, street Haharina, 10-11. zip: 19500.
Can you give me your phone?
I cannot use viber, skype or facebook. I don`t have Internet.
I write my messages to you at home and then send them from my friend Elezaveta.
And to tell the truth, My Internet knowledges are not so good.
Please forgive me in advance, if I won`t be able to answer some of your questions.
I understand English badly. But I`m studying ;-))))),
I have some questions to you.
What do you think about your prospects in work? What purpose do you have?
I like my job. But I always search for the best prospects in work!
In the middle of june, I have addressed the agency "Viking", with the request of searching some work for me in your country.
Two weeks ago my agent has informed me that agency has found an appropriate work for me.
I will be working for six months in your country.
Since august, till january.
Agency helps me with my documents. And I will get my visa in some days.
So, I decided to try my luck and began searching of a good friend from your country.
Perhaps it is destiny ;-))))),
Before starting my work, i want to come to your city.
I want to see you. For the best acquaintance ;-))))),
Then, i will try to find my work in a place closest to your city.
For example in your city ;-))))),
By the way, I don`t know your address and your closest airport.
Can you tell it to me?
So, tell me more of yourself. And don`t forget to send your photos.
What are your plans for the weekend?
Yours sincerely Olha.