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Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2020
Subject: I PREFERRED TO WORK WITH YOU. Details are in the attached.

I PREFERRED TO WORK WITH YOU. Details are in the attached.

Email: mroliverjacob@gmail.com

My name is MR. OLIVER JACOB, from Johannesburg the Republic of South Africa. I am the Operational manager forreign account Department, Norkem Park Branck Absa Bank Limited South Africa. Your contact address got to me through trade journal here in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am highly convinced as to solicit for your support and assistance after studying your personal profile. Thus, after my humble decision to solicit your understanding and co-operation in this transaction, as it will be beneficial to all of us involved.
There is a forreign National living and working in South Africa whom died as a result of corona virus conplications but before his dead he did not put anybody as the next of kin or beneficiary to his account and the amount in the said account is in millions of dollars. Actualy he was one of the share holders in a mining company in Rustenburg South Africa. The amount in the account is the sum of (€35,585,392.00 (THIRTY FIVE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHT FIVE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY TWO EUROS)
However, any foreign national that submit the claim of the fund as the beneficiary or as the next of kin will receive the fund without any obstacles. As he have no family member living here in South Africa and he did not include any name or contact as the next of kin, so leaving the money in the account the bank will end up taking the money after one year without claim. And as I mentioned any forreign national that submit claim to the fund as a beneficary and next of kin with full details of the account will receive the money because immediately the claim is submit that I will release the money and transfer it to the account of the claimer and there is no risk at on your side. It is 100% risk free transaction because immediately the transfer is made the account will be close. Should this meet your utmost consideration, Kindly reply through my E-mail: mroliverjacob@gmail.com
I agreed to offer you 30% of the total amount for standing as the beneficiary to move this money to a safe destination and the remaining 70% will be for me?
The confidentiality in this transaction cannot be overemphasized as I trust and believe that you will oblige us the needed security and attention it demands. Please treat this transaction with absolute confidentiality. Also include your private telephone and email address for confidential communication. I will then furnish you with more details on how this will be done and what you have to do and also the FULL DETAILS OF THE SAID ACCOUNT which you will use in the sudmition of the claim and the claim will come direct to my office because I am the one that handling every forreign related transfer and claim. If we work together with trust and understanding will be done fast, legal and smoothly. Know that if we abandon this money bank will still take it as for now it belongs to no boby.
Full Name: ……………….., Address:………………………………, Occupation:……………………………………..
Contact number:…………………………………..
Private email:……………………………………….
I look forward to your urgent and positive response. Be blessed as you assist me.

Best Regards


I got the same email. This is a common scam :) I'm just having fun with him asking for more money etc. :)