Omorogbe Richard Ikponmwosa, Nigeria

Lone Wolf

Omorogbe Ikponmwosa. Hey small boi. You complain about others stealing, but you are guilty of stealing from innocent victims and bringing the whole of Africa into disrepute! So "Sink or Swim" get ready.

Hang your head in shame, for you are unworthy to be An African or to speak on its behalf.

There are the vast majority of good honest people in Africa and then there are the likes of you, who would rob your old grandmother for a few dollars.

You are not fit to speak or offer any opinion, as you are worthless, a true MUGU who will finish up in jail being the plaything of the other prisoners!

Thank you team and those who are exposing the parasites like this cockroach.


As previously stated, thieving swines like Henry Umueri, Omorogbe Ikponmwosa and the Orogun brothers don't contribute a cent to Nigerian society. Nothing to help Nigerian orphans, sick or elderly. They spend everything they steal on themselves because like all good sociopath that they are, it's all about themselves. They couldn't care less about Nigeria or Africa as a whole. In fact such scamming bastards have been scamming Africans with fake immigration to Canada and bogus student loans. They have stolen from the citizens of all African countries including Nigeria. I have personal experience with a school in a small town in Nigeria that was scammed with a fake donation of computers, by scammers out of Festac Town.

As also correctly stated, these bastards are nothing but well fed, well dressed, well pampered pigs. You can douse a pig with Chanel No.5, he'll still smell like a pig.

Scumbags like Henry Umueri and Omorogbe Ikponmwosa are dishonoring and shaming Nigeria, and it's the honest Nigerians who pay the price by having their country considered a haven for criminals by the world at large, and that's very unfair. Remember that next time you see those scamming douche bags hanging around your local Internet cafe.


Like the big loser that he is, butthole Omorogbe Ikponmwosa is also involved in love scams according to
Accomplices - Dr. William Jude, Fred Osarenugay, Kelvin Omorogbe, Nadia (daughter), Dr Daniel Ernest Masuen, Omorogbe Ikponmwosa, Tom Cole, Maris (daughter); Lovelyn Irhekpono (sister); Lovelyn (daughter); Nikky (daughter)


What a loser. The only thing this parasite can do is basically beg people for money. That's it. No skills, no brain, no nothing.

Here are some quotes from what this lump of goat sh*t known as Omorogbe Richard Ikponmwosa wrote to his victims, as posted on ILS. His M.O. is to claim to have a young daughter and his wife died blah...blah...blah so that he can then work the sympathy angle and use it as an excuse to beg for money. Like all Nigerian scammers, this illiterate fancies himself a businessman yet can barely write two words without a spelling error All this poor excuse for a man knows how to do is track down vulnerable people so that he can beg women for sympathy and money. That's it, that's his entire resume.

he went Nigeria and called me to tell me, that he got robbed and his daughter it is hurt. He said he was at the hospital and Nadia needs a surgery, but they won't take his travelers checks (SURE!!!!) and he asked me to wire him some money and he will pay me back soon.
I hope you are able to chat with you soon.I have a 12yrs old daughter who is very close to my heart.I am the only child of my parents whom are both late now
just as he claims to be booking flights to come and visit me! I found his romantic missives quite entertaining especially as when he is on yahoo he can't string a coherent sentence together. So just to update you, he now has a 13 year old daughter called Grace, is still dealing art and travelling to Nigeria, likes Diana Ross but apparently has no frends - i wonder why - oh and his wife died 3 years ago
I have been single for 6yrs now i am an Engineer that is into the installation of tele communication mast. I have a daughter who is 12yrs old and she's my only child.
I guess he has to beg from women in other countries because Nigerian woman already know the little wankie and think he's a joke.

Tell me Gonorrhea Omorogbe Ikponmwosa, what the hell are you good for beside stealing. Your certainly not a man, your not a business man, your not a father or a husband, so you're absolutely of no use to anybody, but you are a parasite, somewhat like Malaria, and like Malaria you need to be eradicated.

Sapphire's Strike

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Yes, Poirot, what a loser....we are hard at work because this illiterate, little boi Ike aka Harry Fred Ducan, using email address [] has messed with the BOSS. Nobody messes with the BOSS do they?

The only action Ike gets is spanking the wookie and Harry is an appropriate name for his wookie don't you think?

Let's take a look at one of "our" Harry's illiterate, live coversations here This will show you just how low this little rat will stoop for money.

harry: baby i need your assistance right now
harry: i dont know how to say this to you mylove
harry: cos i have never done this before in my whole life
me: wat kind of assistance
me: if within my reach i will help
harry: i am really sad to tell you this mylove i know i am not suppose to bother you with this ok
harry: always know i love you
harry: i really feel so furstrated about this situation right now
harry: i dont know how to say it
harry: actually mylove
harry: i need you to help me with some money so i can ship my goods today or tommorrow so that friday i will take flight to come meet you in singapore
me: how much they asking you
harry: cos i have ran out of cash and my credit card cannot be accesed
harry: the money they are asking for is 2500usd
harry: i dont really know if you can help me with it my love
me: for me that's alot
me: coz i dont have that kind of money
harry: yes mylove i know its a whole lot of money
harry: but not to worry once i land singapore i am going to pay you back ok

"Harry" claimed he was from Manchester, London and South East, UK. Well, you know what Iyke...........I wouldn't even think about going there because BIG BUBBA and the BOYZ IN BLUE will sniff you out as soon as your feet touch UK soil.

De Master Yoda

Omorogbe Richard Ikponmwosa. Not very smart are you? to try to mess with the crew is one of the most stupid things I have ever seen a small boi do.

I think you can say goodbye to ever being able to go to other countries now MUGU.

You are stuck in the hell hole you have made for yourself. :D

Omorogbe Richard Ikponmwosa. Guess wer u b goin Dundi we b watin to welcom u broda. u be de Agbepo:n u empty de buckets fo de brudda's

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Time for a laugh. This little boi Ike likes to appear as some kind of Art Dealer, a Jet Setter too no less! Little Boi you need more brains. As for the dating scene Little Boi your'e not good looking enough and have the brain of an infant child to even attract any intelligent woman! Personally, I would suggest you stick with the goats.

All the following can be seen at:

John Mario Canizaro pseudo: goodhear01
Telephone number provided: +447031970543

"He's just popped up on the France"

User name - ciaoman1 in France Same story about being a widowed art dealer, with a 13 year old daughter (this time named Grace). Was just curiously 'just on his way' to Nigeria for a big art deal...
Got caught by johnlee4me on over here in Germany


A ridiculous letter from Ike trying to play a suave Frenchman (hahaha!!)John Mario Canizaro

Dear angel :rolleyes:
Life is so unpredictable. Changes always come along, in big or small ways. I don't know what happened that this sudden change has turned my world upside down. I don't know exactly what it is, it just hit me, but there is something really special about you.ever since my else wife died i have never fall this way .i most confess to you now there is something in you that my heart keep telling me that you are the one for me .i read everything in your profile i i like it ,It might be all the things I see on the surface, the things that everyone notices and admires about you, qualities, capabilities and a wonderful smile obviously connected to a warm and loving heart; these things set you apart from everyone else. But it may also be the big things ... the person you really are that I hope to know more someday. And it might also be the little things ... the way you express your self in your profile your actions. I receive so much joy just being able to see a smile in your eyes i like your picture on match how old is that pic.. If I ever figure out the magic that makes you so special, I'd probably find out that it's a combination of all these things. You are a rare combination of so many special things. You are really amazing.

Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you're on my mind more often than any other thought. since i saw your profile and picture on match . you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts, when my imagination is free to run, I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander, they always take me match to see your picture .
Only the most special things in my world get to come inside my heart and stay. And now, I realize how deeply my life has been touched by you.
Love Always,

Hey Sicko, thief, scammer, liar, gutter snipe, pig and cheat - this is only the start of what is to come, you are truly god damn ugly scum but don't worry the GOATS could not care less!!

Omorogbe Richard Ikponmwosa - Lottery Scam

You see this Little Boi and his gang have been involved in Lottery Scams too:

One of the UK redirect numbers you revealed above +447031929307 shows a Lottery Scam using email addresses of:

Here is another UK redirect number used in that scam to add to the list:

Note the scam was operated using a Proxy, IP address Venezuela. Not very clever of you Ike, you stupid Little Boi!!
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Just adding to the list of emal addresses and phone numbers you bunch of scumbag thieves and scammers use.

Rediect UK telephone number +447011130756 - used in scams for the stupid names:
John Canizaro also known as Destiny Cole, John Colbert, Johnson Cannizaro Ibude with the yahoo address of
This guy Johnson gave me a phone at Nigeria +00234-805-395-2569
You silly Little Boi Ike.

Let's have another laugh Ike at another alias you have - "Blue Eyes"

From: blueeyes196208 (
Date received: December 12, 2007
Subject: Hello beautifull............

Hi Dear,
I wonder how God could let you go off so easily,seeing you has really made me forget to ask how u are doing.well let me not be away by your beauty,I must tell you the truth you are among the wonders of Gods beauty.
I am sorry, i ougth to introduce my self,my name is John,a 45years old briton living in Central London.
meeting with you will be my first joy,I am currently online now and i will really want us to talk, my yahoo IM is Angel,please it will gladen my heart by giving me a response. the search shows you are online now pls do include your yahoo id when replying so we could start by chatting.
You are beautiful, Cheers till i hear from you.

And from Ike's fake art company

Thank you very much for your reply it is really an honour to chat with you.
I enjoy my work a lot which it keeps me busy all the time (Scammers are usually very busy IKE, until they get caught because like every other scammer we expose, you are just too stupid and illiterate and you all get caught in the end I registered with few hours when i emailed you for the first time for one month,when it comes to dating I always somehow hesitate and afraid of doing it.becauses i was hurt before ,all i want now is Someone who can be comfortable at an important public function but has no problem getting sand between her toes :confused: at the beach! Sure enough of herself to open herself to loving and caring about that special man in her life. Intelligent, funny, honest and responsible. A woman who can communicate what she desires and has the ability to listen. Someone who is positive and believes that every day holds something amazing. The ability to share her heart, her mind .I want to share my life with someone, and it won't be as a playmate.
You need to be ready to make a commitment if the relationship matures. I am a very passionate man, and I need a passionate woman to be my partner. Someone who is romantic, and thoughtful. I like touching and being touched. Caressing and being held or just holding hands while watching a movie or sitting on the sofa. she should see sex as something to be enjoyed by
both of us. And hopefully not play games with that part of the relationship. I am not into any machoistic games. No woman had ever captured my attention so fully.
Thanks so much for sending me an email.Hope to hear
from you soon beautifull

Johnson Cannizaro Ibude.
De Art And Craft Masters.
51 conway street, west yorkshire, leeds, ls8 4jf55

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007
From: "Johnson Cannizaro" <>

Hello angel,goodmorning to you and how was your day?Wow i must confess i am so honoured and glad to receive an email from such an angel like you.When i first saw you on i couldn't help but send you an email,You are so beautifull.Though i have seen
beauty but none like yours,yours is unadoltrated and straight from the master of creations himself.You captivated my soul and left me speechless for some minutes and i asked myself,where has this lovely lady been all my life?Well Thank God i found you.I am an artist and a businessman,i often travell out to other countries to buy sculptures.Sweetheart i want you to know i considered the distance between us before i emailed you.I am ready to travell accross the oceans to be with you and have you in my arms.I hope you are able to chat with you soon.I have a 12yrs old daughter who is very close to my heart.I am the only child of my parents whom are both late now.Well now over to you do tell me some things about yourself.Looking forward to chatting with you soon.

Johnson Cannizaro Ibude.
De Art And Craft Masters.
51 conway street, west yorkshire, leeds, ls8 4jf55

"I am a very passionate man, and I need a passionate woman to be my partner. Someone who is romantic, and thoughtful. I like touching and being touched. Caressing and being held or just holding hands while watching a movie or sitting on the sofa. she should see sex as something to be enjoyed by both of us. And hopefully not play games with that part of the relationship."

Hey, Casanova Ike, you need to be better looking to be passionate you evil, ugly Little Boi, who in this world would want to be passionate back with the likes of you? Get real you idiot THIEF :D

Let's take a look at Little Boi Ike's scams using the USA number 0013122249245 You get lots of this Goat Lover's :56: scams when you play around with that phone number in various formats eg. 312-224-9245, 3122249245, 0013122249245 (312) 224-9245

Now, let's remind Little Boi of some of these scams shall we and what he has done to some of his victims? :D
Met on said he was from Scotland .Chicago.. on assignment in Ghana..
thank you all for your 'googling' is where I caught on to this scam..."henry wood" Scotland Ghana..etc.
if you haven't read the Ghana dating scam websites please do..
I have been approached by 3 other guys, pictures, all with the same kind of story... from various places in US.. 'working, being transferred to Ghana"... all scams Yes, all scams are to enable him to extort money from you because he is a thieving, low life scammer. His tactics of a whinging, whining, cry baby, trying to raise his non existant daughter single handedly, is complete and utter bull sh..


This man is a scam artist who uses dating services to lurn women into providing their personal information so he can use it to steal credit, identity, etc. He is on both E-Harmony and He uses several different names. He uses Emerson, Charles, Johnson, Johnson Emerson Charles, Johnson Smith, Henry Wood, and all the other names in this post (see other entried.) He gets women to trust him by acting normal at first and then falls in love with you and tells you that you are his "soul mate." He asks you for your personal e-mail and tries to get you to do instant messages so he can hack into your computer, which he did to mine. He is based in Africa but tells people he lives in either Florida or California. He never provides details, such as much info about where he lives other than to name a town, i.e. Sebring Florida. He says he works at Mac Business Systems or some other type of computer job. He can only dial by aim phone, which is an internet dialing service which shows up as a US phone but he is actually 7 hours later. He has a thick accent and is hard to hear over the aimphone. He resists calling, saying he is shy. He has several women going at once and forgets details he is told or says things that are not relevant to who he is talking to. He is now wised up and is using aimphone without a number showing. Be very careful and run spy ware on your computer. Do not instant message, he is trying to hack in faster. If you have, your computer is not safe unless you have very good protection. I ran Spyware Doctor and two Trojans were planted and likely came in when I opened his e-mail. Be very careful!!

Received a relay call from a "joe green" interested in purchasing glass from my company. Appeared odd but legit and gave my business email. He claimed to be buying glass for an orphanage -- red flag! and was very persistent about trying to get a response. Called himself from the above number and hung up. Then called again, it was a male with a very thick African or Middle Eastern accent (not an accent that matches a name like "joe green"). I "googled" the phone number and found this page. I decided to treat his email as spam and ignore him-- something just didn't seem right. I suspect that this individual may be trying to hack into a business credit card processing system or something of that nature. Please be careful.Caller ID: 1-312-224-9245
Caller: Unknown
Orphanage? - you are the scum of this earth, filth
This one shows just how cheap this UGLY Ike really is, cheap and a THIEF
Leave your report for 312-224-9245 and help identify the owner of this phone number.

I use a calling card to make long distance calls. My wife noticed that the calling card was quickly running out of money even though she wasn't placing any calls. A quick check of the call records showed calls originating from this number. Whoever is at this number stole my pin number and used it to make long distance (overseas) calls. The calls were placed to the following numbers:

011 251 911037775 (Ethiopia)
011 249 911494172 (Sudan)
011 251 112802878 (Ethiopia)

Iyke, you are a cheap goat lover, you are a liability to your country, you are not worthy of the lady who gave birth to you, you are filthy, dirty, scum!!!

Dick H Box

Jerry Orogun
Jeffrey Orogun
Joshua Enobie Osakpolor
Henry Umueri
Omorogbe Ikponmwosa
Omorogbe Efosa
Ifeanyi Udegbe

You having fun yet, scammer-boys? I have a little something for your discomfort that I am still working on.
I would just like to say, that I am enjoying every minute of working with the Crew, & the stuff we're digging up on you, you wouldn't believe.
Watch this space, you scum-suckers!

Dick H Box

A recycling lesson.

How's your memory, Lyke? Remember these lies you told? The emails you used? We have them. Aren't we nice to recycle your rubbish for you?

Destiny Cole, Adriano Cole, Adriano Gatuso, Carl, Charlse Clemson, Darams Diploidd, Destiny Adriano Cole Gatuso, Dan, Clive James Obi, Donald Johnson, Dipo Darams, Donald Male, Fabian, Frank Dario, Fred Ducan, John Canizaro, John Mario Canizaro, Harry Fred Ducan, John Colbert, John Canivario, Kary Walters, Kelvin Williams, Kennedy Ned, Mark Wilson, Maurice Tristan, Micheal Wilson, Michael Wilson, Nelson McDaniels, Oladipo Daramola, Ryan, Ryan Stewat, Ryan Sewat, Steven Daniel, Terrence Smith, Tommy Cole, Xavier Gruwez

[], [], [], [destiny_cole20@yahoo.coml], []], [], [], [], [], [drlucky.osaro@yahoo.coml], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

phone numbers:

IP addresses:

And you stole pictures of Bradley C from

In case you were wondering, this is NOT the main course, this is just the aperitif.
An ecofriendly service from the Smith Crew
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IYKE, look what we found today ugly scammer boi.

Meet another of Iyke's aliases Kennedy Ned who uses email address
This man on the picture ist not Kennedy Ned, this is a scammer from Nigeria.The pictues are stealed from He used the picture from model James Bill and his daugther Ashley is Wailea from kids models.

Ned Kennedy e-mail addresses

Ned Kennedy's phone numbers

Tel.: 00447045714053 (LOndon) 00447045702871
Tel. in Nigeria 002348074009224 (privat)
002348074895141 + 002348054464464679 (Dr. Lucky Osaro) WHO??? :confused:
Hotel 'ASABA'

more lies................

Name: Kennedy Ned
Address:906 bedford street,enfield southgate,london, (you are one brainless, ugly scammer boi, check the area map, if you are capable of course)

Addresses he gives
This must be where Dr. Lucky Osaro practises his medicine ;)

Ned Kennedy alias Neld Kennedy with the another pictures! e-mail, is from London but have to work in Nigeria. Phone numbers in London -
00447045794542 or 004470445768689.

"Hi I am totally confused . I have a recent photo of this guy named Ned , also has a daughter Ashley ???? Even have a photo of her . Gave me a call nr 044 7045784898 with daddykay42 yahoo email address and also on italk match................He wants to vist and let me come to London ???????? Please advise urgently , is this the scammer ?????

Yes, Omorogbe Ikponmwosa (Iyke) is a scammer, and a real ugly swine of a scammer at that. He has 100's of aliases and lots of phone numbers, this is due to the fact that he is a GREEDY scamming PIG. As I said before, one look at this goat boi, all women would run!!!

Dick H Box

Triodos Bank +44 7011130756.

Lyke, you parasitic, goat-fornicating piece of bush-meat, we have also linked you to a scam involving a fake Triodos Bank web-site.

First, to show just how despicably uncaring you are, & don't care who you use to steal, thieve & cheat your way to money, I give a brief overview of the Triodos Bank. I quote:
Triodos Bank finances companies, institutions and projects that add cultural value and benefit people and the environment, with the support of depositors and investors who want to encourage corporate social responsibility and a sustainable society.

Our mission is:
* To help create a society that promotes people’s quality of life and that has human dignity at its core.
* To enable individuals, institutions and businesses to use money more consciously in ways that benefit people and the environment, and promote sustainable development.
* To offer our customers sustainable financial products and high quality service.
They help to set-up credit-unions, micro-finance banks, (like The Grameen Bank) local energy production, farming co-ops, small traders, re-cycling groups, Fair Trade schemes, education schemes, and lots & lots of small-scale, often communally owned enterprises, all around the world.

This bank is a bit different Lyke. It might have affected your life, in many small but essential ways.

It might have helped finance the school you went to, or the farmers who fed you, or the local credit-union. It keeps repayments low, so that the client isn't crippled by huge debt. It wants to make money work for the community, by keeping it in the community.

You just want all the money.

I don't actually know if they have clients in Nigeria, but it is highly probable. They don't really boast about what they do, they just make a difference.

You don't. You just take, take & take, a true parasite.

The proof?

This phone number, a UK Personal, or Re-direct number: +44 7011130756

was found here:
about 3/4 of the way down the page
List of Scammers & Their Telephone Numbers -
8 Feb 2009 ... Triodos Bank +44 7011130756.
& was used in this romance-scam, already posted in this thread:
Henry Umueri & Omorogbe Ikponmwosa - Page 6 - Anti-Fraud International
6 posts - 4 authors
Tel:+44(0)7011130756. Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007. From: "Johnson Cannizaro" <> Hello angel,goodmorning to you and how was your day? ...
& here:
Scammer possibility??? - Page 2 - Internet Love Scams
from you soon beautifull. John Johnson Cannizaro Ibude. De Art And Craft Masters. 51 conway street, west yorkshire, leeds, ls8 4jf55. Tel:+44(0)7011130756 ... -
& is in this list I posted;

just to mention a few. We have dozens more, all backed up & waiting.

What's that banging noise I hear, Lyke?
Oh, I see, that's all right.
It's just the undertaker, hammering one more nail in your coffin.
The hole's already dug.
Have a cold day in your narrow-house.

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Omorogbe (Iyke) is probably jealous and he wants his own thread. We aim to please Iyke.

Omorogbe is joined at the hip with Henry Umueri

Omorogbe is friends with Jerry Orogun and Jeffrey Orogun: Not a good choice.

Omorogbe Richard Ikponmwosa

Basic Information
Aliases: Iyke, RICHARD OMOROGBE, Iyke Richard
Sex: Male
DOB: May 16, 1984
Hometown: Benin-City, Nigeria
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Women
Political Views: In the Senate
Religious Views: Christian

Contact Information
Mobile Number: +2348067500062
Other: +2348054581102
Yahoo: ikalwayscare

Education and Work


Staff member
I think it was funny how fast he changed his FB profile after he got exposed here.


And after:

But it doesn't matter what you change Omorogbe....the screenshots are here to stay.