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My name is Oscar Williams my office id card is attached to this mail i am the operation Manager from DHL office, i was directed to send ATM Visa card worth of $2.5 million dollar to your address, the $2.5 million dollar was sign and approved in your name by UNITED NATION and WOLD Bank management board of trustee sign by Africa Union for scam victims compensation fund as matter of fact your ATM Visa card worth of $2.5 million dollar is on the transit now coming to the United States,

Here is DHL tracking number to confirm your ATM card type www.dhl.com then enter this tracking no 9907850595 to see by self that your ATM card worth of $2.5 Million has arrived to the United States, the ATM package will first arrived in our office Address: @ 821 N 27th St Suite C, Billings, MT 59101, USA then from our office the package will get to your home address so what you need to do now is to send me your full name and address together with your phone number so that our agent will locate you tomorrow when h arrive to your address also you are require to send $85

So that our agent will pay for the customs clearance and inspection fee before the arrival of the package and this has to be done today, i need to hear from you now, contact our email (oscar.william75@outlook.fr)

Best Regards
Oscar Williams


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