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Attn: Sir,

I am Mr. Owen Smith, I did a lot of searching, fasting and prayer before choosing your contact from your country’s website. It is with trust and sincerity that I approach you for assistance to transfer some fund into your foreign account.

I am a top government official with the Anglo gold ltd, my responsibilities includes awarding and signing of contracts for the purchases of drilling equipment and raw materials to the Anglo gold ltd, by companies and government from different parts of the world. Through over invoiced and bulk purchases that were made on behalf of the Anglo gold ltd, I have an excess sum of US$30,000.000 (Thirty Million Dollars), which I now want to transfer to any trustworthy account overseas.

This contract has been executed and full payments have been made to the contractors who executed these contract leaving behind US$30 (Thirty Million Dollars) an Over invoice/commission for we the committee members to benefit In view of this, my colleagues have mandated me to look for a foreign partner abroad who will receive these fund on our behalf for mutual benefits which means that you will provide us with any account of your choice we can lodge these fund immediately.

I therefore kindly request that you grant me the consent to present you, or your firm as the foreign beneficiary of this fund, for this money to be transferred into your account any where in the world, even if it is a newly opened account without money in it, this fund could still be transferred into it for safe keeping afterward I will pay a visit to your country for the sharing of the fund, and our onward investment in your country.

I have decided to give you 30%of the total fund for your assistance and 10%have been mapped aside for contingent expenses to be incurred during the process of this transaction. Due to the urgent nature of this transaction you are requested to give me a call as soon as possible on the above numbers or e-mail me.

Best regards,
Owen Smith