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Greetings to you in the name of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I given the testimony to the glory of God and the shame of the devil. I was a prisoner serving a fourteen year sentence for selling co cane. My problem was not simple that of a drug dealer-I was an addict as well. I have destroyed my wife. Our children and myself-all by the age of twenty-Nine. When I came to prison I felt that my life was over, and that I would have make it out alive from a plane so evil when I’ m not on drugs, I’m a very kind person- the type that doesn’t usually survived in prison naturally, I was terrified some come to visit me each day and was giving free book I took one it was a book..

Battle field of the mind I have ready it, and I used the knowledge within. To control my thoughts. It works – I find something to be thankful for each day. I am free from prison now. I meet my wife and children at home.

I am a better person, I am give my life and soul to Jesus Christ to be my saviour. I thought God not longer cared for me. That he abandoned me. And that no one also cared. Then a total stranger step into my life and gave me what I need to get back up and continue the fight.

Your labor are not in vain- they are made a difference in at least the man’s life-is blew my mind that any one would spend his money and time to send me something in my present situation. God moved in my life through you without your book. I would not have known where to begin. I want to tell you thanks and let you know just how effective your words – with God’s- have been. May heavenly father bless you always. Sir I have preaching the gospel to my fellow prisoner.

When I get out of prison. god called me to bring in the harvest of lost souls throughout the prison word befor it’s too late. I have win 1,760 prison since I started evangelism prisoner for Christ.

I have give eight hundred and ten Holy Bibles to some prisoner there is crusades at may duding year 2004, we want many prisoner to give their life to Jesus. I don’t want God to hold me for any blood of people. I want them to make heaven . Please do us this favour to bring the gospel to prisoner who do not know anything about Christ.

I want to be a channel of blessing to our prisoner as you support our prisoner ministry with some material and especially Holy Bibles to give to them we need Holy Bibles to give to them but I have no money to buy for them. Because our economy is bad we need your help please.

I will glad if you can send me a 12 Large Print BIBLE. For my study and teaching in the Sunday Schoolteacher help the prisoners with tapes,literature books,bibles for the growth in lord.

Thank you for feeding the lambs of God without discrimination your co-operation and your concern may highly needed. We hope to stop hear. Extend my greetings to your entire members and your family and staff.

Your reaching the Prisoner for Christ

FEM Jackso
FEM Outreach Ministries
GGG.P.O. 9211
BEnin City ,Edo State,Nigeria.