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I've been trying to sell my Mini Cooper on Craigslist and I've gotten several e-mails of the same format. I've been leading this one guy on for about two weeks now.

He wants to pay through PayPal and says the funds will be released to me once I send him a wire transfer through Western Union to cover shipping. I got fake "conformation" e-mails from PayPal and everything.

N00b question. How can I find the I.P. address in my Gmail inbox?

Thanks guys.


Thanks for your prompt e-mail, it was just exactly what i want and can you assure me that i will not be disappointed buying this from you. I am really interested in purchasing your ad. Am a merchant marine and am offshore right now, I will appreciate if you can email me with more picture of it as i won't be able to see this in person. I want you to answer this question about the item;

1. Are there any other issues with the item not mentioned on Craigslist?

I will be glad if you can tell other interested buyers that the item has been sold. I'm offering the exact price listed so please kindly withdraw the ad from Craigslist. I will be paying via PayPal. I can only pay through pay pal at the moment as i do not have access to my bank account online, but i have it attached to my pay pal account, and this is why i insisted on using PayPal to pay. If this is acceptable, advice soon and if you don't have an account, you can easily create an account fast and easy at I will need you to provide the following information to facilitate the Payment

1.Your PayPal Email Address.
2.Your address for pick up.

I will be responsible for moving, I will have my mover who handle my shipping from anywhere in the world come over for the pickup after i have made the payment.

Thank you for your time."

"I got your PayPal email address and i will send the money to you now, Kindly do me a favor, the shipper company charged me $1000 before they can send the Agent to you, i will also add the Agent fee to the payment now, i mean i will include the agent fees to your final price of the item, i will send $1000 to your PayPal account, and you will help me pay the agent when he come to you and pick up the item, please kindly do this for me, i will send the total amount of $10,000 to your PayPal account and you will just help me pay the agent when he come for the item.
Nice doing business with you.


"Hello I want to notify you that i just complete the payment into your account, $9000 meant for the Chili Red MINI Cooper and 1000$ meant for the pick up charges has been successfully deducted from my account i also include an extra charges of $100 meant for the Western union charges because i got an message from the shippers company that they only accept western union a method of payment, i just got a confirmation message that my account has been debited now and you should have received a notification message in you email box from PayPal as well, if not kindly check your mail inbox, spam and junk folders very well for the message from PayPal and the pick up agent. hope you get the agent name and address ??

kindly go to Western Union to and send the pick up fess to the name and address of the pick up agent as confirmed by PayPal, get back to me once you get this done so we can proceed with the sale.

Thanks and nice doing business with you."

"Thanks for your mail, as you can see i've sent the payment and you got the confirmation, all you have to do in other for the transaction to be completed is to comply with PayPal payment authority by sending the money to the agent so that your account can be credited. Your account will be credited as soon as you send the money to the agent before my agent come and pick it, i've done my part by sending the payment which PayPal is holding at the money for security purpose, get the agent fee sent and get back to paypal with the required information so that your account can be credited and send me your address as soon as you do that so i can forward it to my agent for the pick up. you can also send the money online at"

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How to find gmail headers:

Log in to Gmail
Open the message you'd like to view headers for.
Click the down arrow next to Reply, at the top of the message pane.
Select Show Original.