Paul Porbeny, Courier Service Company

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This is all we have on this guy but it's probably enough to make him angry if he ever discovers google.

Paul Porbeny <>


I have been to the office of the Courier Service company, Note that I was inform by the courier service company that it will cost $195.00 for mailing of the Certified Cheque to you.

Kindly re-confirm the address where this certified cheque will be mailied to, so that their would be no mistake or wrongful mailing of your certified cheque which has already been drawn in your name. note that this $195.00 covers both the Insurance and mailing fee. For your information the money should be sent via Western Union Money Transfer in the name of:

Receiver’s Name: Paul Porbeny.
Address: Lagos-Nigeria
The Text question should be......

Upon confirmation of this mailing fee, I will not hesitate to dispatch your Certified Cheque to you and it will take the courier service three days to deliver the cheque to you.

Waiting to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Paul Porbeny.