PAY PAL Tracking Number Scam


from Service@paypal <> <>


I have reposed my confidence in you that you will not dissapoint me as this will be my first time of buying something like this online ,I have proceed to Paypal with your payment and payment was made confirmed and successfully .Also i did made a payment of 1600 for your item and extra $100 for the shipping fee which is $1700 ,so i do believe you should have received a payment notification from Paypal which will enable you to believe that i trully made your payment . So i would want you to ship the item today via Fedex NEXT DAY EARLY AM and below is the shipping address :


Antionette Cox
416 Fenwick Street
Kosciusko, MS. 39090

I would await the tracking number back from you .
The scam works on an assumption that one in 100 people contacted will not know the true origin of a Pay Pal email , some will not be fully aware of Pay Pals payment procedure .
A shipping number can be used in multiple scam formats eg: you have been awarded /won / inherited / a large sum of money.
The addition of a tracking number will greatly increases the percentage of those who will venture the first steps towards replying instead of deleting.

In this example the contact is made through an item of jewelry offered for sale on Craiglist ,the scammer replies via his Craiglist profile which states his location as USA.
Nigeria is IP banned from using Pay Pal , but there are numerous ways for them to get around that .
Back to the scam :

The Scammer sends a short reply to the Craiglist sellers advert and a Craiglist generated notification is received at the sellers email address.

'Is the ring still for sale ? '

I reply: Yes the ring is still for sale
and receive back a formula letter from the scammer

I am still willing to purchase the item urgently,Hope is still in excellent condition,Because i just want to purchase it as a present gift for my friend wedding ceremony. My form of payment would be via Paypal. you can read on how to signup with paypal at and get back to me with your paypal name and email address to send the money once you signup.I am going to Add additional $100 to cover the shipping cost via Fedex NEXT DAY EARLY AM delivery to my friend place in Kosciusko, MS. 39090 .await to hear from you

I send the scammer a random email address for my Pay Pal account and get a fake Pay Pal email back.

The above return mail (from the same scammer) tells me he has no real Pay Pal account, the Pay Pal email is Fake plus the email address I sent him for my Pay Pal account would not be recognised by Pay Pal < a good way to test a suspicious Pay Pal trader.

Question : so why is he making out he has an account with Pay Pal ?
Answer: he is Phishing for a DHL / UPS tracking number to use in a completely separate 'mass mailing' scam

so I send: a Fake Tracking number to his Fake Pay Pal address, he checks it
& I get back this from: Fake "Service@paypal" < the actual sender is

Most Pay Pal customers know not to send an item without the money first showing in their Pay Pal account , the scammer knows that but judging by a non existent destination address stated ,the scammer was never expecting a diamond ring to be sent to 'Antionette Cox 416 Fenwick Street Kosciusko, MS. 39090' .

Random scams using an active tracking number
Dear Esteemed Customer

We wish to re-confirm to you of your certified Bank Draft valued US$600,000.00 deposited by the
Heritage International lottery Company here in UK in accordance with the United Kingdom Revenue
Inland Commision for immediate delivery to your home destination. You are hereby requested to
contact us (DHL COURIER/DELIVERY SERVICE), for onward processing and delivery of your package with
us before the expiration of your certified bank draft. (and expiration of an active tracking number perhaps )

For your information, the Governing board have paid for the Delivery(DHL Standard) Charges, Tax
Clearance Certificate from the Inland Revenue office indicating that you certified bank draft is
free from Drug/terrorism, and Money laundering or meant to sponsor Terrorist attack in your
Country. Note that these funds are freely donated to you to meet with the objective of Human
Growth, Educational and Community development in this year 2008.

However, you are directed to furnish us with GBP 400 only being Handcover Insurance Fee, this is
our company's precautionary motive incase of demurrage.

Also you are requested to confirm to us your recent contact information to which your package would
be delivered to;
1. Full Names: 2. Full Address 3.City 4. Zip 5.Country 6.Telephone No.

Should you expedite action, you are requested to contact our receiving officer;
Rev. Soso Maxwell
Email Address:
Tel: +44-703-198-2672
Fax: +44-709-288-9285

You will be given a tracking number, routine way bill and the date of delivery as soon your
contact with us to enable you track your package via online.

Yours Faithfully,
Sister Chelsey Hughes,
Attn; My Dear,
Mr Lee Moise. to you

This is to bring you notice that i have register your ATM CARD to the DHL COURIER SERVICE.And the card's value is $2.8 millions united state dollars,so The delivery charges has been paid but i did not pay their security keeping fees since they refused.

Reasons for their refusal is because they do not know when you are going to contact them because the keeping fee is $55 dollars per a day,and i deposited it yesterday been 12-August-2010 So that is reason why i did not pay for keeping fee and that is only you are going to pay them,so i want you to contact urgent to avoid increase of their keeping fee. ( and urgent because of expiration of a tracking number ?)
PHONE NO+229 9988-5987.

This are the information needed for easy delivery of your CARD.

5.YOUR AGE/SEX______
So as soon as you recieved your card do let me know ok,
Mr Lee Moise.
More information: > see
Where to complain about spam that uses free email accounts
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Thank you Ben, that's excellent.


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Saved the day.

Hello. I am new to Anti-Fraud International. I can't thank you enough for creating this page.

Today I cancelled a transaction with a buyer from Nigeria. These examples are the exact emails I was sent. I am so grateful that I googled: [] because it brought me to this page. I was suspicious of the buyer and how persistent he was without even asking questions regarding the item. He just wanted to finish the transaction as soon as possible. I was about to ship the jewelry within the hour but something had me look at the emails a few more times.

I'm so glad I avoided the scam but it makes me really sad knowing that many people get taken advantage of. I hope more people learn of this site.

another one

Terry moore []

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Paypal clientservice informed:
The victim would receive a fake paypal email, confirming the funds and requesting to send the item.


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Urgent! Paypal fraud but post add is not abroad

I suffered very similar case to this last week, I sent my 1000 pounds Mac
, but the fake buyer just use a London add, which is not far away from me. I am wondering how it works for criminal? he keep asked me the track number for two days even after the package have already arrived the place. is it possible to get the Mac back if I contact London local police?

Thanks for help!!