Perfect Money




A Cheating from

My nightmare with Perfect started on Sunday October 12, 2015 when Perfect sent a message in my inbox asking to their whole customers network to give their agreement to their new anti-fraud policy, anti-money laundering and against international terrorism, otherwise they would block all accounts refusing to submit. So I validated the link sent for such a validation. But, immediately, Perfect Money sent me a message saying that they had blocked the account balance of over $ 700.00 in my account , funds I did just add to make some small investments in sites like Profits25, Boomdirect and so on. This has nothing to do with money laundering !

Perfect Money asked me to get in touch with their internal courier to regain the use of my account, what I did. After an exchange of correspondence in which they sent a Code PIN which failed me on my phone number I use now, I realized that they were using a number that I had to give them the time opening my account in Perfect Money, and I have noted them.

Perfect Money asked me to indicate any other phone number, what I did, but until now I get no PIN to recover my money. Currently, they are completely deaf to my complaints and turn a deaf ear.I am very angry and too much despair.

I just so alert all internet users to be very careful with Perfect which certainly developed an extensive system of fraud to seize the customers funds using its payment processor, and its famous fight anti- Fraud message is only a pretext to then block the users’s accounts. This is a very bad sign for the future of this online payment system that probably needs to be about to falter. Be careful with Perfect

I count on your help to expose this scandal and help me get my money back