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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2020
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Subject: Legal business

My name is peter Cruz a banker here in united kingdom.There's an account with the sum of 15.5Million British pounds that hasn't been operated for the past 4 years.This account belongs to a Japanese oil dealer who unfortunately died with his family in a Tsunami. He had neither a legal will nor a surviving next of kin. I need your help as a foreigner to claim the money through my advice and we will share it 50\50%. There is practically no risk involved,

peter Cruz


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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020
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Greetings and thanks for your quick response to my proposal. This transaction needs urgency, truth, trust, sincerity, commitment and confidentiality. We must observe these principles in order to succeed.Let me introduce my self. I am Peter Cruz based in united kingdom, I am giving you 100% assurance in this business is real and legal you will never regret ever doing this business with me. Why I need your assistance is because I can not handle this business because of nature of my job.

CONTACT NUMBER: +442033899589

I want to assure you that my lawyer has all the information about the fund and all the legal papers. so if you are serious I will give you his contact information so you can contact him to enable him give you further directives on how to receive the fund as the beneficiary. He will handle all the modalities regarding to this transfer.Most importantly before this money will be transfer in your account in your country, your name will be changed as the next of kin. We have to follow due process

Note: It is only in a day that people can know each other. It could be by phone, fax, email or letters or even meeting face to face. Our relationship has started and very soon we will meet.I want you to see this transaction as a mutual benefit for both of us and not as my personal problem. This is because as you are helping me, you are also helping yourself because at the end you will gain immensely.

Meanwhile these are the steps we have to take to actualize the transaction:

1: Legal Backing -I am going to back up the transaction legally so that no authority will question the funds when it is transferred to your account. You will be presented as the beneficiary and next of kin to fund and court/legal documents will be obtained to support the claims. I will consult and pay my lawyer his legal fees and also the fees to get the legal documents which will confirm you as the beneficiary of the funds. The documents are very costly but I will take care of the expenses.

They are (1) the letter of administration without a WILL and (2) the affidavit of facts.

He will send copies of the documents to you as soon as he gets them.

2: Approval for foreign exchange allocation- After obtaining the court documents, the next step would be getting approvals and foreign exchange allocation from the Federal Ministry of Finance here in England. This will cost me money too. In this country, obtaining official documents is not easy without spending money especially when it involves transfer of huge sums of funds as in this our project.

3: Final approval by bank and signing of the Final fund release order or Foreign Payment Vouchers -After obtaining the foreign exchange allocation, the fund will be transferred to your nominated account within 48 hours. Once you confirm receipt of the money in your account I will tell you how the funds will be shared I contacted you because of the need to involve a foreigner since the original operator of the A/C was dead and this money can only be approved into a foreign beneficiary's A/C. Frankly speaking from the bottom of my heart my fear now is the security of this money in your custody once transferred into your A/C because I don't know you before now your capability and facilities to handle this large amount. I really want to know more of you

and I will want you to keep it very confidential at all times and also to be maintaining constant communication with me knowing that this business should take precedence over any other business for the mean time.You should know that this opportunity can hardly come my way again in life so I have planned everything very well. Be rest assured that everything will work out fine.

4. DURATION PERIOD: If you are very serious as I am, we will have this transaction concluded with 15-Banking Working days from the date of start.

1.Full Name:
2.Copy of your International Passport or any other ID will okay: number for easy communication:
4.Home or company address for proper documentation:


This will help my lawyer to create a portfolio on your behalf during the process, which all the above information will be in your file as an investor. I attached copy of my international to this mail at least you will know who you are dealing with.

Thanks and remain blessed.

Peter Cruz