Peter Jones, Parrots from Cameroon


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I have been emailing a (So called ) Parrot breeder from Cameroon his details are Chief Executive Officer
Mr Peter Jones, Long Streed Mile 1 Limbe, South West Region , Cameroon. Contact: +237655575624 Fax:00237655575624, This man has every photograph of his business and intialy his emails look very convincing but the price of the birds and his replies to my endless questions led me to this site and Thankfully I never parted with any money! If you do a google search on his telephone number he apparently lives all over the world and has many business all selling parrots and eggs. The fact that his answers to my questions seemed dubious to say the least! So please be aware of this fraudster....Thank you AFI.


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Thank you for accepting me. I will do my very best to stop people like these from taking innocent peoples money. I love the google search the phone number...what an excellent suggestion!


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I will check the emails to see if he has a website but I think he said it was under construction (yeah right!). He has an impressive photo portfolio!

Husaam Le duke

can someone help me and show the way its a fraud...cause am getting deal with him about buying egg?? :/

De Master Yoda

@Husaam welcome to AFI. Cameroon has a lot of scammers who pretend to deal in different birds and animals. How can you be sure that you will receive anything after sending money ?

Your country has restrictions as below:

Pets may be imported subject to procedures below:
  1. Application to be made for "Import Permit" to the Veterinary Service of Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security prior to importation
  2. Import Permit is issued with specified requirements for compliance
  3. Imported "Live Animals" are subject to Customs Formalities and payment of duty and taxes
  4. Animals are taken charge at entry point by a Veterinary officer upon arrival for quarantine for a period of one month prior to release
  5. If you require any further information on the importation of pets, please contact the Veterinary Division of the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security"
You may need to check with (CITES) to make sure you are not in violation of their rules, However it may be a wasted exercise as it is almost certain that you will never receive the eggs or anything else from the scammers in Cameroon.

"The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was formulated to regulate and monitor the trade in endangered species. CITES works by placing controls on international trade in specimens of CITES-listed species.

The CITES has a set of rules designed to regulate the export, re-export and import of live/dead animals and plants and other by-products linked to wildlife. It operates with an import/export permit system whereby, trade in CITES-listed species, is allowed only if certain conditions are satisfied."

The following plants and species may be subject to CITES, as well as any products manufactured from them, for example, fur, jewellery, ornaments, carvings, feathers and so on.
This list is not exhaustive:

aloes (except aloe vera)
  • birds (including birds of prey, storks, cranes, bustards, kestrels, owls, hummingbirds, hornbills, birds of paradise, parrots and parrot allies)
More information:

Ahmed Naghi

Hello Guys,

Parrot fertile eggs are scams !

It's illegal to ship parrot eggs because they are very fragile !
Although chicken eggs can be shipped all around the world ! Parrot eggs are fragile and can't be shipped or flight anywhere. If you want to buy a parrot the legal age is I think 2 months and up !

I have talked to peter jones !
And he is a scammer of course
He has black palm cockatoos for like 30$ and these parrots are nearly extinct they can't get sold anywhere! And for 30 it's a hell of a scam !
And his macaws are for 14$ per eggs ?? That's a scam , Scarlet macaws can't be sold as they are in the extinct section and he says he can sell them but he can't it's illegal. He is a well thought scammer .

You can go check out JCaviary that's a well know trusted website I found and I will buy from them because they have a lot of great comments and a lot of sources on social media ! And there location is available on their website !

Google: Jc aviary texas
AND you'll find them

Thanks. For reading this !


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Is this JC aviary Texas authentic? Has someone dealt with them before ? I wanted to import parrots to my country pakistan. Please guide


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We need more information than you have posted but in general you need to be careful buying animals from abroad, especially if the word Cameroon ever appears in an email. See also:
Thanks. My query was that if one of these users have come across a website that is genuine.

I came across someone on Facebook. And he was from Cameroon. And had the same requirements.

Sending me 2 macaws for 400$ inclusive of shipment. But he wanted cash up front.


can someone help me and show the way its a fraud...cause am getting deal with him about buying egg?? :/

hi hussam
can you contact me or give me more details actually he is trying to sell me eggs now he sent me more than 40 picture of his farm i need more details about him