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Peter, 53
Wants to date with a girl, 43-58

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Berlin, Deutschland

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A propos de moi
I'm a hopeless romantic, pretty nocturnal (sometimes it's work, mostly it's movies, music and soccer matches), sporty, dependable (so I hear), very much the gentleman and old school when it comes to women (this I say so myself!), not easily ruffled, sensitive (I feel guilty if I kill a fly by mistake), and generally happy with life.
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Someone who is romantic, but also practical (so that we complement each other), who is generally happy and doesn't get worked up too easily, who loves eating (specially Italian food, for obvious reasons!), is optimistic, and enjoys the fine things in life (music, food, and art being the main ones). Also, you have a sense of humor and love practical jokes!

Informations personnelles
Statut sentimental : Je suis célibataire
Sexualité : Je suis hétéro
Apparence : 168cm (5'6"), 45kg (99livres), moyenne, Cheveux blancs*et*Yeux gris.
Résidence : Seul
Enfants : J'en ai déjà
Tabac : Non-fumeur
Alcool : A l'occasion
Scolarité : Master / BAC+5 et plus
Langues : Anglais
Emploi : Engineer. J'ai un salaire raisonnable. as des yeux magnifiques

XXXX — 18:20
Hello I just came over your profile, how are you doing? Do you speak German too,denn Sie leben ja in Berlin, oder? Vielleicht bis bald, perhaps till soon. Have a nice evening too.

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Email address:
allegedly of Vancouver/Canada

Badoo IM
XXXX— 12:37 do you speak any German too?
XXXX — 12:37 I am german and you?
Peter — 12:37 I am from Canada, I speak a little bit of German because I often visit
XXXX — 12:38 oh, good, languages are opening many doors
Peter — 12:38 yes, sure
XXXX — 12:38 do you have an email address? I could send you some pics of mine?
Peter — 12:40 ok
XXXX — 12:40 thank you
Peter — 12:41 m.bullock29 - yahoo -com
Peter — 12:48 have you been married before?
XXXX — 12:49 yes, but I am divorced since about 10 years, no kids, problems
XXXX — 12:49 and what about you?
Peter — 12:49 i am a widow
XXXX — 12:50 oh, sorry
XXXX — 12:52 The canadians do also speak this language right?
XXXX — 12:52 Montreal, Quebec
Peter — 12:52 yea
XXXX — 12:53 and you?
Peter — 12:53 but vancouver
XXXX — 12:53 but you are shown on Badoo with location Berlin
XXXX — 12:53 so you need to speak more in my language to get some more practice
XXXX — 13:02 Just sent you my mail, take a view into your inbox if you want, perhaps you have a pic for me too?