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From:Office of the Director of Operation
International credit settlement,
Central Bank of Nigeria


We write to draw your attention to your pending fund which is currently in our escrow account. We received outstanding order from federal government to release the fund to you. This order was given to us after the Federal Executive Council meeting with Joint Committee on Contract Payments and Debt Management that it was resolved that your outstanding payment be reviewed and release to you. Sequel to this decision, the Federal Government has mandated us to contact you for your fund release.

For this reason, we hereby request you to send us the following information:
(i) Residential Address:
(ii) Occupation:
(iii) Date of Birth:
(iv) Telephone Number

Bank Name: & Bank Address
Name on Account:
Routing Number:
Account Number:
Swift Code

As soon as you forward these information, payment approval would be send to you and we shall make this payment to you directly to your nominated bank account and a copy of payment approval would also be send to you for your perusal.

Peter Obi
Teller/Transfer Officer
Central Bank of Nigeria

Central Scrutinizer

Staff member
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Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018
From: Johnson Eze <>
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Subject: Get back

I appreciate your respond by speaking out your mind towards this long over due Compensation payment to you. You may be correct in all your observations over this payment to you because the past ruling government officials including the past governor of Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) whom was assigned to deliver this payment to the beneficiaries has messed the system up asking the beneficiaries to pay huge amount of fee that was not suppose and they did not succeeded to steal your money by asking you to pay unacceptable fees, they attempted to channel the fund to their pockets rather than to pay out the fund to the rightful owners like you as Approved.

However, I really observed your fears and want to make it clearly known to you that we shall not ask you for a dime and our Office is a very legitimate one and works in accordance with the Government Policy. You are not paying anything to the Government to receive your fund. Now that you have shown your willingness to receive your fund , I promised you that you will certainly receive it . Just urgently send your full details so that we shall update it for The Ministry Of Finance Approval . Once we receive your full details, we will process for the release of your fund (US$10.5 Million) to you through our legal banking procedure.

Receiver's Full Name
Your Full Address;
Contact Phone Numbers
Your Occupation
Marital Status ; Married/Single/Divorce
Copy Of Your Valid I.D

Please respond urgently as we shall not welcome any delay and your immediate respond shall be of your own good.

Peter Obi