Phillipines: YIM scammer Jasmine


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2 years ago, I met a woman named "Jasmine". She was from a meetings singles site. She sent many pictures but all were small size, like thumbnail. She was very pretty and we chatted several times. But she was poor college student with no money. He son was sick and needed medicine. She said I could help. She would make a naked picture on webcam and do self comfort to herself. She wanted USD$ 50 to pose for me. It was to send by Western Union.

I didn't talk to her after that but I was disappointed. The site tried to keep this kind of people from joining this site. But it didn't. Because Jasmine was a scammer.

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Re Jasmine

@Godzilla, sorry to hear that she tried to scam you!
It was fortunate that you did not get involved with her and lose a lot of money!!
It is always painful when a persons trust is shattered by these crooks!
You seem to have got over it quite a lot and are getting on with your life!!
Well done!
There are many genuine and nice girls out there and I hope you can meet one soon!


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Beware of Filipinos and Russians

I joined a singles site and immediately was e-mailed by many women from these 2 countries. The Russians are easy to spot. They look like models, and want you to write them at an offsite address. Filipinas can go either way. Some are just honest women who want a nice man and a better life, the others are just dumb scammers. I had an 18 year old girl tell me about another American she was scamming and she wondered why he stopped writing and sending money to her and her family. Is that dumb or what?After 4 incidents like this I wrote on my profile "No more chat or mails from Russians or Filipinas". The Filipinas still sent mail.
I did meet some nice Chinese ladies though.


It's not just us :)

Hi everyone :)

I am a Filipina. I used to own an internet cafe. Although I am quite appalled at the gall and (at the same time) the stupidity of a lot of the ladies (and men) who get involved in romance scams (as either culprits or victims), I still believe that there are more GOOD Filipinos out there than bad.

Our country has had a bad rap for a long time and there is no one else to blame but we, Filipinos. But then, there are still those of us who are real, honest and sincere about making new friends on the net. The sad stories are inevitable. Chats do get around to these topics. Almost everyone in this world has a sad story to tell, irregardless of where they are from or what status in life they are in. It is only one's self who decides to allow yourself to be duped into such scams.

I will be quick to confirm that there are indeed psychologically, financially and emotionally-challenged individuals who will go out of their way just to get easy money. But these are not confined to just Filipinos (or Russians, as Reverend pointed out :) ). But just like everywhere in this world, there are criminals. It is therefore up to us to remain vigilant and thoroughly careful with our affiliations online. Sites like these are very instrumental to helping individuals be aware of what is going on and how to prevent being victimized -and must definitely be commended.

Take care, everyone!


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An echo of what cuz says above--we think that probably most Filipinos (and Filipinas) are not scammers. A few are but it seems to be an isolated event when it happens.
Sadly, my own anti-scam site is dominated by reports about Filipinas. I've been calling them 'chat scam/beggars', but there are also other categories, some unique to the Phils.

I'm afraid they've been there for a long time, just under-reported. I'm trying to change that.

Of course, they don't depict your average pinay, but they do present too high of a percentage of the filipinas you may stumble on, on the 'net.
Guys who are serious about finding a nice pinay, may have to wade through dozens of these scammers, first, and many give up.

The Philippines ranks third in the amount of internet romance scams.
(I did have one indignant pinay who protested that the Philippines is 'third' to no country!) :) (FSU, West Africa, Philippines)

MANY young filipinas do this for a living, or for pocket change. It seems to be a cottage industry there, and I'm sick of the Filipinos who protest 'But we didn't MAKE them send us money!' :mad:

I'm afraid, while not the majority opinion of pinoy, this practice is too acceptable socially in the Phils.

The standard rule of thumb for avoiding becoming a victim applies....don't send money to somebody you only know from the internet. Period.

Many of these scammers use dating sites to find victims. Report them to the dating site. IF the dating site does nothing, (most don't) then that should tell you something about how the dating site runs it's business.
It is possible to keep most scammers out of datings sites, it's just not as profitable.


Trickster had a filipina from a dating site who turned out to be real.

After a couple months of chats & a couple cam sessions (on her part) he realized that he had a real person, he knows what to look for.

He came clean and let her know that he was looking for scammers. He didn't want to hurt her by just dropping her.

She completely understood and agreed with what he was doing. They have remained "pen pals" and he is enjoying their chats.

I had one similar from Thailand, he was looking for someone, but was also interested in intelligent pen pals.

After a couple months with no "I love you's" or edging on "sob stories".
I came clean with him and let him know I was a married 40 year old with 2 almost grown teens. He has remained a pen pal, although I have found out he's a really bad racist which I don't care for.

Real people are out there looking for love, it's unfortunate the scammers seem to outweigh the "real" people.
You have to be so careful to avoid the real ones.
MOST filipina chat scammers will ask for money, or drop some strong hints in the first chat.
Unless I really suspect something, I don't go beyond the first one or two chats.

I do present myself as a very polite man looking for a wife. This also attracts some real ladies....but I'm pretty good at screening them out.

If nothing happens in a couple of chats, I vanish. A little rude, but common on the internet. I don't want to play with a real girl.

The few I've chatted to for more than a handful of chats, were ones who attempted a scam, but I was holding out 'sending money' until I could see a face on cam. (Of course doing a video or screen shot and posting it.)

You'd be surprised.....often 'sorry honey,no cam coz I poor but if you send me $30 I show you everything' turns into 'wait, I borrow a cam from neighbor' and the cam comes on IN SECONDS after you tell her 'gee, I might send money if I could see your face.'

It's too easy to find more chat scammers, no sense in working one long term UNLESS it's in response to previous reports about her, and you want to catch a face on cam...or get some evidence to show a balky victim 'his girl' is still in the market, or worse. gets real touchy if you mix real life with baiting, and there's no reason to be bothering real people, particularily filipinas who may be looking for a guy, and it's hard to switch that to a 'friendship', if you have been baiting safely.


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Phillipines YIM scammer Jasmine

I seen him talking about ppl been scammer when he is the biggest one... I 2 way him and when he busted he left and took his monter plant.... Only got witnesses... Ice, sting, 32 and some others
I recommed not to 2 way him


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Curious would any of you bait the scammer I started a thread about?

I've been trying to prove to my boyfriend that can't shake her after almost 4 years she keeps guilting him for more money , then just giggled to me on the phone " we'll he didn't have to send me moneeey ,he coulda tell me noooo " and giggled